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River Arkhen

The mighty Arkhen flows from its source in a region of the thunder Peaks known as The Heart of the Mine to form the majestic Arkhen Falls and proceeds along the river's southeasterly run between the Marching Mountains and the Arch Wood. The valley flanks the gorge and spreads out a day's ride in all directions from the Dalelands only city, Archenbridge.   The River Arkhen flows swiftly through town, powering both a grist mill and a sawmill. The grist mill is Heward's Mill, operated by the greedy and uncouth Salath Heward, and the sawmill is Sandan's Sawmill, run by Sandan himself, an always-calm retired Ride captain who notices everything and works with slow, deliberate care. The cold, swift Arkhen also affords fishing and boating pleasure to the wealthy folk who dwell in the newly built manor houses along the River Way, the town's most exclusive district. At least one of these manor houses (Whiteturrets, owned by Marler Chandrar of Fairwind Street) can be rented by the tenday or the month by exclusive guests or for parties.
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