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The Black Horse Inn

The Black Horse is a sprawling inn on the eastern side of the river that has expanded several times over by buying up and then building on to adjacent houses which gives it a sort of ungainly appearance, but business is good for the Black Horse and for its owner Sardan Alandar. Sardan is recognized as a cheerful sort who never forgets a face and as a keen businessman who won't turn away anyone's good coin. The Horse is the cleanest and safest of all cheap lodgings to be found in the entire city and enjoys the patronage of all sorts of the common folk, adventurers, and independent traders.    While the inn may not provide anything fancy you can have a private room all to yourself for a few silvers and even a hot bath and a few other services (all above board!) for a handful more. Meals are simple and simply priced and won't generally make you sick. The Black Horse even offers strongcellar rentals for hiding valuables if there is want or need - many services are available at a discounted rate for longer stays.  


Room (Day) 6 sp (Tenday) 4 gp (Lamp 1 cp, Water 1 cp)
Bath (Cold) 1 sp (Hot) 2 sp
Meal (Whatever's On) 1 sp
Archenwood Stout 5 cp
Strongceller, Small (Day) 2 gp (Tenday) 7 gp
Strongceller, Large (Day) 6 gp (Tenday) 15 gp
Alternative Names
The Horse
Parent Location

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