Reading Challenge 2022.01

Reading Challenge — ver. 2022.01

The Reading Challenge challenges us to choose 10 articles, comment on them and say what lessons we have learned from them!

As I limit myself mainly to the guild channels plus the current challenge one, I have decided to try to discover some new stuff and have a closer look at articles out of my bubble. There is an added value to that — it lowers the chances of articles with less formatting/visuals/CSS magic to remain stagnant and less visible. In such cases (no likes, no comments, crickets in the background...) authors can either ask for feedback, wait or take a step back and think again and again what is wrong. And asking for feedback is usually difficult, especially when one is starting their journey.

  For this challenge I decided to find out some works that were:
  1. written by people I don't follow
  2. written by people who made it by a small margin
  3. works that had little Likes
  4. works that were well structured

The choice was made the way to promote writers I do not recognize from the Discord server. Some people shy from engaging in the channels but more often than not find it heratwarmingly surprising that someone reads, likes and comments on their work. So I selected 10 such authors and their works.

By: Mag_e
World: Rhina
Breathe is the power of the gods. Get it and even a mortal can be thought a god. Originally a spark of creation (reminded me of the Flame Imperishable, which Eru — the Creator of All from J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion used to create). There is a lot brewing here, with stories power being stolen and changing owners.
Takeaway: What would happen if a creation energy was in a way similar to an object that one could steal and wield.

  By: Kiyomo
World: The World of Okeniarkun
A simple document, but... created after a 100 year war against the great evil, during which abuse of power and more were being done "in the name of greater good". The document was meant to reorganize the society. The people in power opposed but it left a visible mark.
Takeaway: The need for balance can be strained to either side but will bounce all the more intense.

  By: AzounIV and KrostaTina
World: Phaldorya
This article and images made me so hungry... I could almost smell the hanging meat drying in the heated room. I particularly liked that nothing from the manticore gets wasted — the poison is used for medical purposes, the meat is consumed. Should it go bad, there are ways to save it.
Takeaway: Pay more attention to worldbuilding species — every single part can find a use.

By: Cpl.Corgi
World: Erdezwei
This city is mostly known for becoming a victim of a surprise bombing attack, which did not go as planned (or so is thought). The history is painted very vividly, especially the attack on the city. Technically, the initial portion of information is enough to get me through the conflict between the Commonwealth and the League of West Ekonic Democracies, but I want to know more!
Takeaway: Show facts from clashing perspectives — strange and not logic with carefully planned. Misinformation is a powerful tool!

  By: Rey Writes
World: Placeholder
The guild of high importance and a terrible reputation. But of course the latter was built on poor skills and low cost of low-qualified guild members, whose services can be paid for even by the poorest. A short but complex story of a guild with strict rules and visible hierarchy with a dash of humour, too.
Takeaway: Remember about skill differences especially in large guilds — the reputation can be dramatically different with respect to class, wealth, etc.

  By: deepfriedpencils
World: Gadria
Stretching a concept of Fae to the sea is a nice one and reminds me a bit of Fomori, who inhabit the sea depths in Celtic myths. The Sea Fae appear nearly as gods that can virtually cause cataclysms on a whim. I miss some visuals that would come with the story. They could make this article stand out.
Takeaway: Challenge the tropes and concepts — like species adapting to new environments, physically, magically, metaphysically.

  By: SparkyTheSec0nd
World: Astraesto
Although I am sceptical when hearing politics speak, it is always lovely to listen or read their silky smooth speeches. This was none other which made me both full of cheer for and resentment towards the Federation.
Takeaway: Remember the power of political shit talk.

  By: The_Lizard_King
World: Natia
Reading about Kreig's life made me think of yet another bastard left by his awful father, even though this first impression is false. Being a half-goliath, half-human he resembles the latter which makes for a source of his childhood trauma. It is interesting though and raises questions, e.g., how often does that happen? Was there magic involved? Is it in any way connected to the cultists that killed his father?
Takeaway: Mess up the character's life then make him work to make it better as if it had been their fault all along.

  By: Typh39
World: Gaia
I like the structure of this article. It is clean and to the point with crucial information like the numbers of soldiers, equipment, etc. It was amusing to read about the chaotic nature of the attack (some raiding parties attacking mining cities and outposts), which was part of something much greater. This article could become something much bigger and definitely has a potential to become one. Nevertheless, the conflict is neatly painted and structured with rouchly 650 words — I love the succinct style of it.
Takeaway: Remember to add an element of chaos to carefully planned attacks, which can potentially break them.

  By: รเг չ๒єคг
World: Olivarenith
I like how the region is described in detail, and the names make it sound mysterious and far-far-away slightly dark sometimes. The article could use some visuals to give a reader some understanding of how this might look if they were to travel to those lands. One of the articles that has a nice touch to it, though definitely could become something bigger and detailed.
Takeaway: Add information on importance of the region to the race/races.

New Year, New Resolutions

Reading is one game I want to up this year, so this challenge is already giving me a hand. The other would be writing more and freely. I want to stop limiting myself to a single genre or length, e.g., only novels. So fI began transferring new worlds, barely stubs now, but I want them to flourish. The next stop would be artwork, including but not limited to maps. I need to understand perspective and shading. Gods, I'd love to draw the characters I have in my mind...

Finally, handicrafts... While reading and writing will take a lot of strain onto my eyes, handicrafts will help me relax and do something more material. So I plan to get back to woodworking, sewing and many, many others. Let the creativity burn wherever it likes! Handicraft can make for some wonderful article material and I plan to do at least one

Show spoiler
regarding shoemaking.

I would also like to be bestowed upon the power to organize it all and stretch the daytime to 72h. Thank you. That was my TED Talk.

A little bonus!   Picking 10 was difficult and I did my best to find new stuff. So here are some articles which I read back during WorldEmber and which still make me think about them, making for a beautiful inspiration.
Food traditions
Tradition / Ritual | Feb 3, 2022

Cuisines and culinary traditions in different regions of the continent. Features amazing dishes, mushroom wine and cannibalism!

Cover image: by George Sharvashidze


Author's Notes

The idea to structure this article was inspired by Qurillion's Reading Challenge article. I'm not saying you should see it, but you should see it. There is a tonne of awesome stuff broken up into small chunks.

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Grandmaster AzounIV
Luca Poddighe
9 Jan, 2022 08:47

Thank you, thank you, thank you and another thousand times! For spending time reading my work, for the kind words and for the warm feeling deep inside me! "I will not say do not (make me) weep, for not all tears are an evil." (Quote from The Lord of the rings by JRR Tolkien, with a little personal modification)

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9 Jan, 2022 08:59

You are most welcome! <3 I still think about that manticora sausage from time to time!

Introducing my challenge entry, with my cat as the main character and visitor to the tavern.
Grandmaster nnie
Annie Stein
9 Jan, 2022 12:43

I wish you the best of luck on your art journey this year! and I was flattered to see a bonus sidebar!nnie! Thank you!

9 Jan, 2022 13:07

Thank you, @nnie! <3   The Cosmology article organises the world in a neat and easy-to-understand way. Almost like reading through secret files of an alien intelligence preparing for invasion. :D

Introducing my challenge entry, with my cat as the main character and visitor to the tavern.
22 Jan, 2022 21:31

'Takeaway: Remember the power of political shit talk.' - Words to live by :D   Great selection of articles - I love that you chose to read things that were new to you and hadn't got much attention. :D <3   Good luck with 2022!

26 Jan, 2022 10:26

Thanks, Emy!   All the best in 2022! <3

Introducing my challenge entry, with my cat as the main character and visitor to the tavern.
Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
23 Jan, 2022 21:49

Thanks for the feature my friend! You have a wonderful lost compiled here, and many from those I havnt heard of! This is exciting. Well done.

26 Jan, 2022 10:45

Thanks, Dylon! <3   And keep up the good work. It is always an enjoyable read!

Introducing my challenge entry, with my cat as the main character and visitor to the tavern.