Gaia The Gaia Chronicle Project; A world built upon the ashes of a once great empire.


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The World of Gaia is a large fantasy world that is set in the modern times. High Fantasy combined with Modern things. This world is steeped in history lore and wonders, as people live along side beastmen.   The beastmen and Humanoids are equally populated in the world. It also includes several other races found in common fantasy themes, such as Elves, Demons, dwarfs, dragons.   Of course living along side others so vastly different can cause issues to certain few. as aspirations and goals vary people to people on both sides of the spectrum.   The world is an old place over hundreds of thousands of years old. A once might empire that knew the stars once called this world their capitol. So much lost technology and magic influenced the new generation of Gaians and their stories of intrigue, war and heroics.   Many stories are afloat with coinflicts all over the world, both Political and internal, even sometimes extra dimensional. To the wars of the Sassliss Imperium, to the prosperity of the Meridian Confederacy. To the mysteries of Al-Isiq and the combined empire's shadow, that looms across all of Gaia. Countless lands full of adventure and story.