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Gaia The Gaia Chronicle Project; A world built upon the ashes of a once great empire.


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The World of Gaia is a vast fantasy realm set in modern times, blending elements of high fantasy with the conveniences of the modern era. This world is steeped in history, lore, and wonders, where humans coexist with beastmen.   The population of beastmen and humanoids is equally distributed across this world, which also boasts a variety of other races commonly found in fantasy themes, including Elves, Demons, Dwarfs, and Dragons.   However, coexisting with vastly different races can sometimes lead to conflicts, as aspirations and goals vary among the inhabitants.   This ancient world has a history spanning hundreds of thousands of years, once serving as the capital of a mighty empire that reached for the stars. The remnants of lost technology and magic have left a profound influence on the new generation of Gaians, shaping their tales of intrigue, war, and heroics.   Countless stories of conflicts, both political and internal, as well as occasional extraplanar disturbances, are woven throughout the world. From the wars of the Sassliss Imperium to the prosperity of the Meridian Confederacy, and from the mysteries of Al-Isiq to the looming shadow of the Combined Empire that stretches across all of Gaia, this land is brimming with adventures and stories waiting to be explored.