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The Zenthian Raids

During the time of Consular's great golden age, there was a situation that involved a war-band raid party, that crossed over the Galios Ravine. An army of a few hundred Zenthians started to raid over the Ravine and targeted several Joharan mining towns and outposts. THis of course sparked outrage, and a rare opportunity to show Gaia that the Joharan Consulate was ready to join the world stage.   It marked the first military action ever taken by the Consulate against a neighboring peoples. It was a call to protect the border and frontier outposts from the Ragamaan Warband's offensives.    

The Ragamann Warband

  The Ragamann Warband was a Zenthian warband that had gained influence over a number of Warbands to join their cause. Their leader was Primus Sauthe aea Suuvmote, Who was a Zenthian veteran of many wars. He was a very infamous Primus that was known to destroy some of the higher-ranking warbands back in Zenthia Iksamas. They had aquired armored vehicles and even an airship, which allowed them to travel over the Galios Ravine to start these resource raids. Under his command were a total of 15 smaller warbands on top of his own. His goal was to establish a Sultanate over the Ravine, thus claiming Joharan lands to do so.

The Conflict


The Ragamann Warband had started to launch raids over the Gaklios ravine to rob resources to build hardware for his ever increasing warband. Sauthe was intent on creating an army to sack Consular in the end, and claim the Consulate as a Sultanate of Iksamas. The process started the first two years by raiding small settelements, and eventually attacking and nearly taking a frontier Fortress. Suring this time, the Warbands had built themselves up quite bit and made them a threat to the Consulate.


The Joharan Consulate first had adventurers try to thwart the raids, however when reports came in that the Zenthains were organized and had military hardware with them, the Consulate decided to dispatch their first Army Corp to stop the raids. When the Frontier Fortress of Zaanuuk Bastion was attacked and nearly sacked, the military sprang into action. The Zenthians were expected to attack the bastion again, but this time the military was waiting. This citadel could not fall, for it was protecting Consular's Northern Flank. If the fort fell, there would have been a path of least resistance to the Capitol.


The Battle of Zaanuuk Citadel was very bloody. The inexperienced Joharan army was clashing against a trained and seasoned warrior warband War group.  The advantage was the Citadel, as it was fairly new and incorporated aspects of Technomancy and magical technology to fight off invaders. The Citadel however was badly damaged from the past fight and the Warbands launched thier assault at midnight, taking most of the Joharan military by surprise. The fighting lasted until noon the next day, both sides were exhausted, and beaten. The final assault came from the air, as a desperate Sauthe launched his airship to ravage the citadel.   He was nearly successful, but in his blind fit of rage, did not realise there was a new weapon being tested here, that was cleared f or use, Based on Combine technology and records, a Mach Magneto gun was used. This fired a magically charged spike at the airship, which struck, and destroyed it. Sauthe did not survive. The Aftermath of the fight, was a moment of realization. Surviving Zenthians were either captured, or have gotten killed in suicide attacks. The news of this victory, elevated the Consulate to the world Stage, and declared thier weapon a success, However, in the chaos, it was destroyed, and not rebuilt. The shot that it had fired, had shredded the gun in the process.


The Joharan Consulate had a wave of Patriotisim and Pride.


End of Zenthian Raids over the Galios Ravine, The Consulate becomes a World Power.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1399 AS
Ending Date
1403 AS
Conflict Result
Joharan Consulate Phyrric Victory


The Joharan Consulate
The Ragamann Warband Raiders


  • 500 militiamen
  • 1200 Footsoldiers
  • 4 Deegan Tanks
  • the Mach Magneto
  • 1250 Warriors
  • 450 Berserkers
  • 2 Siege engines
  • The Aunumath Airship


  • 350 Militiamen
  • 430 Footsoldiers
  • 3 Deegan Tanks
  • The Mach Magneto
  • 845 Warriors
  • 400 Berserkers
  • 2 Seige engines
  • The Aunumath


To Ward off the Ragamann Warband and enforce it's soveringty.
To Sack the Zaanuuk Bastion to clear a path to Consular.


  • Sahandra
    Sahandra is the second largest continent of Gaia. It is also one of the most diverse and uncharted. The land of mysticism and ancient history. This land is also the home of Dragons.


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