Niri, The Proprietor

"There's not much in this world that I haven't read, though I imagine there's plenty left to be written..."
— Niri, the proprietor

Gentle repose

  Known as the proprietor of The Paper Trail, Niri is nearly always seen with a book in his hands and a slight smile on his face as he thumbs the edges of the pages. His greyed hair is kept slicked back and his stubble never seems to grow from day to day. He most prominently wears his white banded collar shirt and grey waistcoat, however he does sometimes wear other garments, such as colourful sweaters on particularly chilly days. His glasses remain perched on the edge of his nose with their ever thin leneses   He has never been seen outside of his tucked away store, though you simply may not have noticed him walking past, as because Niri is not the most vibrant of presences, he has a tendency to fade into the background of peoples sight. They dismissing him as simply what he appears to be, a relatively old man.   However, within the confines of The Paper Trail, he becomes a very noticable presence, and one that is very much at home with where he is.  

Solemn Pressure

  Despite his quiet nature, Niri has had some moments where significant outbursts have happened. While they are rare, they mostly occur when someone attempts to vandalize his little piece of the city, and they usually end with the perpetrators never being seen around his store again.   There are rumours that Niri is something other than human, or perhaps something simply disguised as human, though there is no kind way of broaching that particular question. The few who have asked Niri if he is anything other than human have been met with a kind smile and a persuasive adage.  
"It's not very often I get asked questions like that, though I believe if I did get asked questions like that often enough, one might even be able to find out the answer without asking me! Imagine that!
— A smiling Niri
  A few people even believe that he's not even real and is instead some kind of advanced version of an arcane sending, though that has yet to be proven.
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30 Dec, 2021 20:08

10/10 would be his friend, whether he's human or not. :3   Keep up the good work! :D

It's always an adventure at Juniper's Damned Alehouse, where even the chairs are trying to pick you up.