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Tygodnik Magiczny (tɨgɔdɲik magʲiʈ͡ʂnɨ)

Tygodnik Magiczny, or Magic Weekly, is the main magical newspaper in Poland. As the name implies it is coming out weekly. Its contents cover a wide variety of topics related to magic. People can find there history articles, interviews with magic-users, exercises for children and much much more.

I read an interesting article in the latest Magic Weekly. It was about blood magic before the ban. To be honest, I envy those people who could study it without consequences.
— A reader

It is often said that Magic Weekly shapes the public opinion in Poland in terms of magic. It also doesn't shy away from controversial topics. In 2017 they published a controversial article, which was criticizing the Blood Magic Ban. For that article, a journalist interviewed a blood mage who for obvious reasons remained anonymous. Publication of the article sparked a months long debate about the legal and ethical aspects of the ban. Some people were even saying that Poland should reject it and become a blood magic safe haven.


I have been reading Magic Weekly for years now. I think it is the best newspaper available
I bought Magic Weekly for the first time in 2017 during the blood magic ban controversy. I'm not an avid reader, but I read it every time I see they have something interesting
Throw that trash away! Don't let yourself to be brainwashed!
Text, Newspaper

Was Jesus a magic-user?

A research team from the University of Warsaw and Warsaw Academy for Magical Arts is trying to answer a question that many people have asked before, but no one found an answer.
In a world full of magic, how someone could gain followers by performing "miracles", ask the lead researchers. There must be something more. We are trying to find out how possible it is that Jesus was a powerful magic-user, possibly with divine magic, who made other magic-users follow him.

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7 Dec, 2021 21:56

Speaking of swaying public opinion, is the weekly installations themselves magical? Maybe in a way that subtilty sways?

Kriltch, arcanities not included.
7 Dec, 2021 22:06

No, that kind of magic doesn't exist. Maybe except divine magic, but it is extremely rare

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