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Blood Magic Ban

Blood Magic Ban is the second document signed during the UN General Assembly in June of 1970 along the Magical Security Act. Its purpose is straightforward. It bans all uses of blood magic, except for Bloodline Protection spell, and forms the Blood Magic Investigations Division.

Historical Details


It is commonly said that the last nail to the blood magic's coffin, as well as the reason for the Magical Security Act, was the use of Bloodfire in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In reality, however, blood magic had been feared since the beginning of time. There just weren't any means of banning it in the whole world.

Public Reaction

The enactment of the ban resulted in big protests of magic-users and non magic-users all around the world. The protesters believed that the ban was an attack on personal freedom. Most of the protests were peaceful, but on some of them appeared blood mages who were aggressive. In New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo and Sydney happened the so-called Blood Magic Massacres. Policemen, controlled by blood mages, started shooting at the protesters and moments later the protesters started exploding like baloons filled with blood. The blood mages revealed themselves as Magic Equality Movement and presented an ultimatum to the United Nations. The UN had to revoke the ban or such massacres would happen in other cities of the world. The UN didn't agree. Instead, the newly formed BMID was ordered to take the movement down. Luckily, they succeeded.

The Massacres made the public understand that blood magic is bad and continuing to allow to practice it wasn't a good choice.

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Don't believe what they are telling you. Magic Equality Movement was created by the UN to terrorize people into agreeing with the ban. You are being manipulated. Wake up!
— Conspiracy theory video on Youtube


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