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Bloodfire is a spell which combines standard battle magic and blood magic. It was first used in 1945 by the American Army on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The use of it resulted in the complete annihilation of both cities. The attack ended World War 2.


To perform the spell two magic users are needed, a battle mage and a blood mage. The battle mage creates a ball of fire and holds it. Then the blood mage kills the sacrifice with a knife and adds his blood to the ball of fire. When the colour change of the ball is complete the battle mage throws it.


The effect of bloodfire is a massive explosion that destroys everything in an area of about 900 square kilometres. After the initial explosion, the shockwave travels for a long distance destroying everything in its way. Additionally, fire from the explosion is drawn to any sources of fire in the vicinity and spreads the explosion further.

Side/Secondary Effects

If someone survives the explosion, which is unlikely, they would suffer terrible burns and probably die in a few weeks. It would be a slow and painful death.


After adding blood, the ball of fire changes colour to bright purple. After that, the caster has very little time to throw the ball. After 3 minutes the ball explodes destroying everything in an area of about 900 square kilometres.


It was discovered by an American research team looking for a weapon to minimalise casualties in the war with Japan. Some of the scientists suggested a non-magical weapon, an Atomic Bomb. It was constructed. After the first test, one of the magic users on the team felt something strange. He described it being like magical residue, but it didn't feel like magic. The team decided to analyze samples of anything that survived the explosion. They found signs of potential changes which could be harmful. It was impossible to predict how far from the site of the explosion that changes would be seen. The team decided that it would be risky to use it over Japan while the US Army is not far away.

Bloodfire is a result of the team's experiments with battle magic. They knew that there always have been ways of making it stronger. However, all the known ways were not powerful enough to match the power of the Atomic Bomb. One of the magic users suggested using blood magic. The rest of the team was against at first. Even before the ban blood magic was considered dangerous and people were scared of it. It was common knowledge that using blood magic could attract demons from Hell. This why blood magic was practised mainly by the most experienced magic users. Fortunately, there was one on the team. They discovered that the best is adding blood of a recently deceased human to a ball of fire.

Material Components
A person to be sacrificed. That person must be killed when the spell is being casted. Otherwise, the blood would spoil and the spell wouldn't be powerful enough.
Related School
Pyromancy and blood magic
Related Element
Fire and blood
Effect Casting Time
10 minutes of preparation and 3 minutes before the effect
About 900 square kilometres
Applied Restriction
When the world saw what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the use of Bloodfire most people were shocked and angry. Despite that, during the initial period of the Cold War, both the USA and the Soviet Union had mages trained to cast that spell and people prepared to be sacrificed.   In 1970 along with the Magical Security Act a treaty banning blood magic and bloodfire was signed. Both the US and USRR were signatories of that treaty.


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