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Magic is an ability of a person to manipulate parts of the world. Some scholars speculate that it is the lifeforce of all living beings, but the true nature of magic is unknown. Magic as an ability is, in most cases, inherited. Cases of a mage from the family where nobody has magic are very rare. It is estimated that about 2 billion people in the world have magical abilities. However, this just the number of people in the Mage Registry. It is unknown how many unregistered magic-users are there.

Magical energy

Magical energy is present in every living being. It is said that it also travels between beings, but no one was able to see it yet. Casting spells uses the magical energy of the magic-user. The energy replenishes itself after casting, but it takes time. Because of that casting too many spells in a short amount of time, casting a spell above the current energy level of the caster or trying to cast individually a spell that requires more than one caster causes magical overload. It is a state in which the magic-user's body tries to compensate for the lack of magical energy. If casting isn't stopped at the first signs of the overload it develops into Corruption.

Effect of age on magical energy

Biological age of a magic-user is an important factor when it comes to the amount of magical energy available for that magic-user. Magical energy starts to manifest itself in a person around the age of 7. It grows stronger until the person turns 25. Than the energy stays at its level until the magic-user turns 40-50 (it's different for everyone). At that point the magical energy starts to weaken. However, it never disappears completely.

Ley Lines

The whole is covered in a network of magical conduits, known as Ley Lines, which distribute magical energy from the Nexus of Magic throughout the world.

Emotions and magic

Emotions of a caster may affect casted spells. For example, anger makes battle magic spells stronger. Emotional effects can't be divided into positive and negative. Each of them can help or make things worse depending on the situation. Among magic-users with depression it is common that when they feel really bad they create an armour from soil and rocks around themselves. In most cases this is an autonomous reaction.


Casting magic requires to follow the steps of a spell to the letter. Any mistake can have serious consequences. Most spells require hand gesture and/or incantations. The more complicated spells require a ritual. Those spells are usually performed by more than one magic-user. As many spells may be vague about the details thoughts and intent are also very important to the success of the spell.

Metaphysical, Arcane

Schools of magic

Elemental Magic

  • Pyromancy
  • Hydromancy
  • Aeromancy
  • Geomancy

Other schools

  • Necromancy - communication with the dead and spirits. Many people believe that necromancers are blood mages, but acctually necromancy is not blood magic.
  • Tulpamancy - Tulpamancers can create inteligent beings (tulpas) which live inside their bodies and coexist with them. Few of the most powerful tulpamancers can create tulpas which have a physical body. Tulpamancy is one of the types of magic which can't be learned. Tulpamancers are born with their abilities.
  • Blood Magic
  • Alchemy
  • Herbalism

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