Sea Fae

One would not ordinarily expect to find fairies out in the middle of the sea, far away from any forests or rifts into their other plane, but that is only because it is easy to forget that fairies are extensions of nature, not life. Flitting in the form of light blue sparks that zip along the crests of waves, only coming to their humanoid form when they decide it is necessary to speak with someone directly, it is easy to see the similarities between the sea fae and their terrestrial cousins. The sea fae do not appear to mortals on a regular basis, and have historically only done so on a handful of occasions, but accounts have been similar enough that we can be certain that we are referring to the same species of magical trickster. Usually appearing as a young human, sea fae are all diminutive, all standing at 3'5", and most of those who've been seen look similar enough. They each take some measure to hide their faces, be it a scarf or a wide brimmed hat, but will take these articles off to speak with those they deem worthy. For all of the obfuscation given to researchers of the mortal world by the fairies we can actually reach, the sea fae are so much more alien in their thoughts, actions and, usually, everything else about them, that we are unable to tell for certain whether or not they are even still around.   How and Where they Live (Farraíochta)   It is unclear whether the Sea Fae are the essence of the sea, spirits of the sea, or the actual personifications of the sea, but they seem to reside, or have resided, within the field of magical energy that surrounds and influences everything in the Kytaran Sea, known in their tongue as the Farraíochta. This field is believed to be created by the Sea Fae, rather than just a pocket dimension in which they reside, and from which leaks magical power, because the limited researched conducted on these creatures quite clearly indicates that most, if not all, individuals of their race have complete mastery over the wild magicks of the region. In fact, part of what makes research into this elusive species of fairy so very difficult, is that every known encounter with one quickly slides into the murky waters of legend, and from that point, it becomes nearly impossible to ascertain what is truth, and what is embellishment. Thankfully, through the use of divining magicks, and not an unhealthy amount of necromancy, it is possible to find accounts that measure up to be more substantial. Even with magically gained clarity, it is obvious that it is difficult to overstate the power of these beings that create typhoons on a whim, and could sink an entire armada of ships at a thought. A Sea Fae has never been seen on the material plane on it's own, for they are always accompanied by some great sea monster to serve as a foundation for the legend that is born from the occasion. Noteworthy examples including kraken, sea dragons, leviathans, and megalodon, for when it will be a short legend.     Noteworthy Interactions (and what they look like)   Some believe that the Old Man of the Sea who guided Morwr Strongarm through the Great Ocean to the Kytaran Sea was an unusually powerful Sea Fae, but it would be wise not to say so before any of his followers, who acknowledge the possibility of this being true, but would still rather not speak about it. Unambiguous examples of Sea Fae encounters include The Tale of the Wandering Star, the fantastical name for the tale of the founding of the Isle of Endowment, in which an unnamed wandering Sea Fae guided a ship filled with children through a storm, and helped them land safely on a habitable island. Captain Kelledy's Castaways were said to have been assisted by a Sea Fairy at various points in their adventures stranded in the becalmed waters of the Still, culminating in the creation of the Clarion Call devices for rescuing stranded ships.   The Sea Fae, from all confirmed accounts of our interactions with them and many that are still ambiguous, seem to be benevolent towards those races that travel the Kytaran Sea, though this is not unconditional. A theory that has been gaining much credence within the scholarly community is that the Pirates Code, a set of unofficial bylaws that the rogues of the Kytaran Sea all adhere to to some degree, is actually a collection of loose unrelated instructions given to mortal sailors by the Fae. While none of our knowledge on the Sea Fae can be considered definite, nothing has ever indicated to us that they mean any harm. If nothing else, they seem to have found the perfect niche for themselves in reality, and so intent are they in the protection of this niche that they will willingly grant us the instructions to survive here as well.


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8 Jan, 2022 09:16

Stretching a concept of Fae to the sea is a nice one and reminds me a bit of Fomori, who inhabit the sea depths in Celtic myths. And every history involving them was a good one, more so even than Tuatha Dé Danann on land. Knowing that Fae can be spotted on the sea is probably even more terrifying for the common folk. How does it influence their everyday lives? Do people place offerings (just in case) o please them? From what you included, they can appear to ordinary people as gods incarnated, ones that should be begged to use nets, fish, travel?   I miss some visuals that would come with the story. They could make this article stand out.

Playing around with words and worlds.