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Most Upvoted Bug Reports

What is this?

Use this page to report bugs and to check on the status of bug reports! This board is only to report features that aren't working as expected. To suggest a new feature or update, use the feature suggestion board instead. To report a new bug, follow these instructions and use the button above:

  1. Check if the bug has already been reported.
    • Use the search field at the top of the page to search for reports.
  2. If the bug has an open report - upvote it!
    • Use the upvote button to tell us you’ve found the bug too!
    • If you have extra information that hasn’t been covered in the report, you can also leave a comment.
  3. If the bug has a closed or otherwise unresolved report - don’t worry!
    • The devs may have left a comment explaining why this is in the report.
    • If the bug was closed without comments, or the resolution wasn’t satisfactory, you can leave a comment! We still monitor closed bug reports for activity.
    • Leaving a comment instead of opening a new report will help us squash the bug faster, because we’ll have the data from your comment and the existing report.
  4. If you can’t find any reports of the bug - report it!
    • Click the Report A Bug button at the top of this page.