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Right To The Bone

A DC Heroes game In the world of Tales of Justice
August 2009 | Full

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6th Mar 2020

Ambushed in the Mountain of the Universe: Chapter 5: High Tidings

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15th Nov 2019

Ambushed in the Mountain of the Universe: Chapter 3: Mind Over Matter

Ambushed in the Mountain of the Universe: Chapter 3: Mind Over Matter Introduction

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18th Oct 2019

Ambushed in the Mountain of the Universe: Chapter 2

The surviving bandits either were captured or fled, leaving Wyldfire to collect the unconscious bandits and trapped Kesang Jinpa villagers. After a slow caravan through the mountains, the group arrives at an old European castle carved out of the mountain's black rock.   A castle where MAGI is removing the symbols of the Black Order...

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20th Sep 2019

Ambushed in the Mountain of the Universe: Chapter 1

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23rd Aug 2019

Chapter 24: House of Glass and Cards

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9th Aug 2019

Chapter 23: House calls

Now, with Agent Elektra being escorted in by Drs. Telieos and Von Brandenburg, and the rest of the SAFEGUARD team slipping in either by treetop or concealed under the jeep or through the air, they have a chance to get to the bottom of this problem!

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28th Jun 2019

Chapter 22: Stalked in the Jungles of Madness

In the aftermath of the fight against what was mercenaries disguised as Hammer Empire, our heroes face challenging questions about the "Quantum Bells", the "Kryptonian Rings" and what to do about them!

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14th Jun 2019

Chapter 21: Directed Misdirection

Half a continent away, the Trenchcoat Brigade is getting acclimated to their new surroundings of the mountains along the Eastern side of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A lush jungle carpets a deep valley in the Rwenzori mountains. It's a pristine view ...

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20th May 2019

Test Session, The Sequel Strikes Back!

Yet another test session

18th May 2019

Test Session

Test Session for Feral

17th May 2019

Chapter 20: The Black Order

Greetings True Believers!   We last left Wyldfire outside the ancient Atlantean ruin in the middle of the Sahara desert. As Doc "Medkit" Reynolds patched up Queen Mera - and anyone else needing emergency medical treatment - Feral fumes and Thunderstrike shrugs over the appearance of a second Atlantean atomic hammer! Specifically, one that appeared in a flash of light and flew into Feral's hand!   But then an earthquake rocks the sands as the wind picks up strength. From out of the ruin, a hawk-shaped spacecraft with glowing yellow-gold trim rises up and rockets away to the south! After that, the rumbles stop.   Before anyone can react, a new aircraft appears over the horizon. A matte-black aircraft - large enough to carry a squad of troops - with a deadly look. It rockets in but keeps a safe distance when its VTOL jets set it down on the sand. A ramp lowers and none other than Captain America walks out onto the sand!   He waves! Then walks over with an offering of water, medical supplies, and boxes of the finest Richart gourmet chocolate bars from Paris, France. Since as we all know, True Believers, Cap is just that nice a guy.   Helping carry the supplies are two other men. The first is as tall and broad as Cap and could be an albino with his white skin and hair ... if it wasn't for his gray-blue eyes. He is very similar to the twins at the book auction in Brussels as if he's a blood relation.   As for the second man, he looks suspiciously plain in his charcoal suit, white shirt, and tie. He quickly introduces himself as Phil Coulson, an agent for the United Nations Criminal Law Enforcement branch.   Cap introduces the albino as Maximillian Reinglass, a refugee on the run from Hammer Empire, AIM ... and a shadowy group known as the Black Order.   When introductions are done, Captain America faces the group and explains that Hammer Empire, AIM, and yes the Kryptonians might not be the real problem.   It might actually be the Black Order who wants to use this 'quantum bell' ... or 'bells' on the world. And they need to be stopped.   It's dire warnings, portents and French dark chocolate, True Believers! If Cap's right, then we might all be in big trouble!   This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!   Starring   Wyldfire   Guest Starring   Captain America!

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19th Apr 2019

Chapter 19: Between a Kryptonian and a Hard Place

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22nd Feb 2019

Chapter 18: Traps and Bait

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8th Feb 2019

Right to the Bone Chapter 17: Strangers in a Strange Land


1st Dec 2018

Between the Panels: Hacking AIM

We're actually poking at World Anvil, except, you know, in YELLOW

28th Nov 2018

Chapter 5 - The Journal

Greetings True Believers!   Leave it to Wyldfire to bring down the house! Or in this case, at least the front door to a finance building. I suppose it can be said, Castle and those AIM troopers weren’t chump change!   Meanwhile, back in the old US of A…   Holy Arrested Development, True Believers!   After being accosted by Captain America, The Shadow, and the rest of the SAFEGUARD recovery team, the Trenchcoat Brigade is – from all outward views – arrested!   Back at the plane, the two teams are brought in to an out of the way location and interviewed. Information exchanged and the real prisoners … the Hammer Empire team and the mysterious albino commando … are questioned.   Did they get any answers to those questions? Or were they just answers they didn’t want to know about! Lets listen in and see!   This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!   Starring   The Trenchcoat Brigade   Guest Starring   SAHARA!

20th Apr 2018

Chapter 4 - Brussel Shuffle!

Greetings True Believers!   When last we left, Wyldfire had been sent to Brussels to recover a copy of stolen medical research being smuggled in an antique book. They approached the Meyer and Stubens Auction House with a cunning plan in mind!   But no one expects a Brussels Beatdown!   Now, the team is separated. Thunderstrike is carrying Puma, a mountain lion-human mercenary, while chasing down the curator’s daughter. One Fiona Haske who just so happens to have the antique book the team is after. Only they’re not alone! They have eighty thousand of their closest tourists with them as Fiona dives into the crowd watching Brussel’s holiday parade!   Back at the auction house, Doc Reynolds is escorting a mysterious woman from South Africa. An albino woman who is part of the group here to bid on the antique books. Someone whom the team suspects is up to no good!   Its hard to tell since she is caught in the same smoke grenade as Doc Reynolds. But then again, just where did the woman’s brother go?   Then there is Feral, after discovering a small swarm of bronze-gold scarab creatures running around, she gives chase. And she caught one, only to have it spit out a flash drive and drop it at her feet?   And last would be Feral’s husband, Blackjack, international thief. After getting an emergency phone call, he meets with a latecomer to the team.   Perhaps Martin Prinz, also known as Amethyst, can help sort things out!   Let’s check in, True Believers, as our heroes get caught up in the Brussel Shuffle!   This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!   Starring   Wyldfire!

6th Apr 2018

Chapter 3 - Ever'day I'm Brusselin'

Greetings True Believers!   Captain America, the Shadow and the SAFEGUARD field team made it just in time! While they extract their allies, I’m wondering about those strange machines. Those scarabs...   Just what are they? Where did they come from?   Most important, are they friend? Or Foe?   While SAFEGUARD and Sahara work through that, half a world away in Belgium’s capital of Brussels, members of Wyldfire are handling a different problem.   Tasked by their employer, Dr. Jean-Claude Gironde, the team has been sent to intercept the last copy of a genetic therapy process invented by one Dr. Magnus Corado that can regenerate various damage to the eye!   Color blindness, even many forms of eye disorders, all gone without surgery! Amazing!   What’s even more amazing, and deadly, is that they aren’t the only ones after it. Hammer Empire, AIM, and more have arrived for the auction. A deadly assortment is in attendance!   Now all Wyldfire has to do is figure out which antique book holds the missing data. After all, it’s only an estate sale for a two hundred year old personal library! How hard can that be?   This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!   Starring   Wyldfire!

23rd Mar 2018

Chapter 2 - Home Alone

Greetings True Believers!   Well, it seems there’s less and more to this ‘ghost’ business than anyone knew!   But what has an old World War 2 Nazi science experiment have to do with Tibet? Or ancient Egypt? Or even the project that produced Captain America?   And that’s the big mystery isn’t it, True Believers? It’s also what SAFEGUARD is out to solve.   But for starters, what about those missing sailors? And why didn’t the US Coast Guard get involved? Something’s fishy about that, I tell you.   Let’s see if SAFEGUARD has reeled anything in about it!   This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!   Starring   The Trenchcoat Brigade   Guest Starring   SAHARA!

9th Mar 2018

Chapter 1 - Harbor Hijinks

Greetings True Believers!   It’s evening in the Big Apple, and like always, it proves New York City is the city that never sleeps! People and vehicles are busy moving on their way around and across New York.   In the harbor, ships move through the waterway or sit quiet at the docks. All save one.   That ship, the Hershaw sits quiet with her lights dimmed. Until two dock hands run from her deck. Eyes wide they scream about glowing runes! A dead crew!   Jinkies, True Believers! A ghost ship! But could it be real ghosts? After all this is the real world, not some made up fiction!   SAFEGUARD’s curious about this, too! Which is why they’ve activated …   THE TRENCHCOAT BRIGADE to investigate! So grab your proton packs and Tobin’s Spirit Guides, True Believers! It may prove to be a ghastly good time!   This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!   Starring   The Trenchcoat Brigade   Guest Starring   SAHARA!

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