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Chapter 1: Rumble in the Temple Introduction!

Greetings True Believers!

  After the defeat of Wulfgang Von Strucker and the members of the Black Order, Wyldfire received a chilling message! Don Blake, the other half of Thunder Strike, had been kidnapped! And it was by none other than ...   Dr. Don Blake?   Beside themselves with worry, Wyldfire leaped into action. Getting transport aboard one of SAFEGUARD's mobile command jets, they set course to where the signal from the other Don Blake came from ...   The ancient lands of Tibet! Specifically high up in himalayan mountain range within Chinese airspace!   They don't know what they'll find but they know the clock is against them. Separated, Thunder Strike and Don are on borrowed time. Already Thunder Strike may be feeling the delayed effects of being separated!   Will they make it in time to recover their Don and save both Don and Thunder Strike? Will they unravel what this other Don Blake is actually up to?   These answers and more await, True Believers, in "Ambushed in the Mountain of the Universe"!   This is Not Stan Lee saying ...   EXCELSIOR!


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