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Ambushed in the Mountain of the Universe: Chapter 4: Rising Stakes Introduction


Talk about dire straits! No sooner had our heroes survived the mentalist assault, they discovered something even more dire had been lurking in the shadows of the black rock castle.


After the mentalist assault, our heroes regrouped. They checked on the injured, the infirm and making sure all were accounted for.


But there was more than meets the eye.


Realizing they are being threatened by a powerful mentalist, Thunderstrike called the Shadow for expert advice. The Shadow, understanding his allies were in or near the threatened monastery of Kesang Jinpa where he learned his abilities, he gives what advice he can. Then tells Thunderstrike he is on his way.


Knowing the danger Don is in, Thunderstrike contacts his mother, Queen Mera of Atlantea, to arrange transport of Don to the capital city of Atlantis. There he can be treated for whatever has been done to him.


Meanwhile, inside Blackrock Castle, the others uncover the ugly truth that Dr. Declerk, the doctor caring for Don and helping the heroes, has been a mental illusion all along! The only physical effect of the complex illusion was a robotic spider, that has a sample of Don's blood and is making its escape at that moment!


Knowing that the alternate Earth version of Don Blake wants access to both Don and Thunderstrike, letting that robotic spider loose threatens them all.


But what about the mentalist? Maintaining such complex illusions means they must be in Blackrock Castle somewhere. But where? Feral is convinced she knows and plans to confront her, once she warns everyone of the threat.


Has this mentalist been hearing the hero's entire conversations? Their plans? Does this mean the villains have the upper hand and have a trap ready?


Will our heroes survive another assault from the mentalist? If the villains know about Don and Thunderstrike's hammer at the undersea kingdom of Atlantea, is the last refuge of the Asgardians - now Atlanteans - threatened?


What. Can. Our. Heroes. Do?


Strap in, True Believers! Things are heating up as the stakes have gotten even higher!

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