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POWERS (* linked)

Note: Ranma cannot access Psypher’s Mind Blast or Mind Blank powers. 9 Telekinesis [misc: “Unpredictable/Untrained”. On a failed roll, the telekinesis does take affect but on a random target or location. Psypher cannot access this power.] 5 Empathy [misc: uncontrolled. This is a low-level telepathic ‘registry’ Telios builds into his clones. It helps uniquely identify them and track them if they go rogue. This power only works on Telios clones, Teliosaurs, and other experiments produced by Dr. Telios.] ___ ______ __ __ _____ 2 Iron Will no 3 This Automatic power is a result of the mental conditioning that Telios instills in all clones during gestation. It is meant to help resist all forms of Mental control Powers, including Broadcast Empath, Control, and Hypnotism. The APs of Iron Will are added to the RV versus such powers. It does NOT protect versus metal attacks such as Mind Blast. ___ ______ __ __ _____ 3 Jumping no 2 Dice. You can jump up to 80ft horizontally or up to 40 ft vertically without straining. ___ ______ __ __ _____ 5 Ultra Vision no 1 Auto. You can see at night or in the dark just as if it were daylight, possibly even see Invisible objects/people.



SKILLS (* linked)

6 Acrobatics no 7 Dice; all subskills ___ ______ __ __ _____ 6 Artist no 2 Dice; Actor (Disguise) only [Note: she excels at cooking noodles. That’s about it. But she tries really hard!] ___ ______ __ __ _____ 6 Martial Artist no 6 Dice ___ ______ __ __ _____ 7 Scientist ___ ______ __ __ _____ 5 Thief no 8 Dice; Escape Artist, Forgery, Locks and Safes, Pickpocket, Security Systems, and Stealth ___ ______ __ __ _____ 5 Weaponry no 3 Dice; Melee Weapons and Missile Weapons only. ___ ______ __ __ _____ 4 Military Science no 4 Dice; Danger Recognition and Tracking only




Sharp Eye _____ _____ Lightning Reflexes +2 to Initiative (already added) _____ _____ Japanese Scholar -2 CS to OV/RV of an Intelligence check for Japanese, spoken and kanji _____ _____ Insta-Change: This only applies to transformations into Ranma’s female body. Psypher becomes Ranma under periods of high stress. Triggers are:
    • Mid Combat ( Roll of a 4 or lower ) causes transformation
    • Psypher ( or “Three”/”Ranma” ) goes unconscious
    • Ranma can force a transformation if she gets at least 1 RAP on her Will vs Psypher’s Will




Dark Secret : Modified “enhanced” clone of Dr. Telios _____ _____ Mistrust: Share’s Psypher’s mistrust _____ _____ Uncertainty: Being not sure of her abilities, once per adventure at a time of the GM’s choosing, Ranma automatically loses initiative to all other characters ( PC and NPC ) and will perform last that round. _____ _____ Arch Enemy: Dr. Telios ( who will want to know how this genetic variant happened before ‘recycling’ her ) _____ _____ Secret Identity : Ranma technically doesn’t exist. Being a modified clone of Dr. Telios, means no birth record, social security, etc.








0 ( Appox Annual Income : $1250) ( Appox Annual Income : $12,000,000,000)








Hunted: Dr. Telios is hunting Ranma and she knows it through the low-level empathic connection felt between Telios clones. Unwanted Roomie: While she didn’t have a choice, sharing a body with Psypher is disturbing. She wants her own body so she can find her own way in life as her own person.




Benchmark <span class="attr_bench">(based on current attributes above)</span>

DEX (Dexterity)
The individual is agile enough to be a medal winning Olympian gymnast.

STR (Strength)
A normal human that can lift 200lbs over their head.

BODY (Body)
The individual can withstand the greatest amount of physical damage humanly possible. They possess an exceptional resistance to fatigue.

INT (Intelligence)
This person's intellect equals a professional who is one of three world  ities on a subject.

WILL (Willpower)
This individual possesses the resolve to conquer any human fear or rational threat, save death.

MIND (Mind)
This person's mind is equipped to deal with great stress as a part of daily life. Undercover agents, leaders of nations and most heroes are in this category.

INFL (Influence)
This person has the ability to hold and draw the attention of a small audience.

AURA (Aura)
This person has a presence strong enough to change the emotional state of an auditorium-sized crowd from a dead calm to electrified frenzy.

SPIRIT (Spirit)
This person is so secure in his or her beliefs that he or she is willing to die for them.


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