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A Game of Shards

A GURPS game In the world of Scourge of Shards
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Ever since the smaller moon exploded, there have been Shards: crystalline pieces that have inherent magical properties. People covet these Shards, and actively try to activate the magic within by combining them with other Shards. It is exciting, alluring, but dangerous; no one knows what kind of magic will be contained in the crystals.   But the desire for them is great; great enough to be influencing politics and behavior....

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  • Port Karn and the Surrounding Area
    This is the area around Port Karn, in the Tondene Imperium. It, and it's attendant farming towns and villages that support it, are in an area carved out of the jungle.     This map focuses on the area immediately around Port Karn, showing all of the surrounding villages. The open areas are all tilled cropland, pastures, and orchards, separated by hedgerows. These hedgerows are occasionally native jungle plants, but most are trees and shrubs found more often in temperate lands.  
    The City of Port Karn
    This map focuses on Port Karn itself.
Supporting Cast

The Orc Temple

Aheru-Mazda has sent some dreams to one of his priests, who has come to you looking for help. There have been abductions and the predations of slavers, and the priest is worried that the missing people are in danger.   It started out in the city of Port Karn, with a bunch of research into the area's past history. Finding the locations of several now-defunct Orc cities the group headed out into the jungle to find them. After several days in the jungle, they find Gijak Balorat, a ruined town with a large temple. It's being used as a base of operations for the people collecting the slaves.   The group took out the guards on the external part of the temple, and have made their way inside. They can hear drums and screams coming from deeper down in the temple.