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(In sunlight: -2 ST, -1 DX, -2 HT) +2 ST (20) -2 IQ (-40), +1 HT (10), +2 HPs (4), +1 Will (5), +3 Fatigue Points (9), Infravision [10], Acute Hearing +2 [4] Combat Reflexes [15], Damage Resistance 2 [10], Fit (5), Magic Resistance 3 (6), Rapid Healing (5), Disadvantaged in sunlight [-25], Bad Temper (-10), Callous (-5), Intolerance of non-orcs (-10) (they are very tribal), Overconfidence (-5), Total: 8 pts.   Orcs are tough: strong, healthy, resistant to damage, and when damaged, heal quickly. Because of their inherent magic resistance, they have few mages (Orc mages have to buy off the magic resistance before getting magery). Warriors: 14 11 8 12/14 during night, 12 10 8 9/14 during the day. Weapon skills: sword or axe 12, shield 14, knife 13, others 11-12. MV 5.75 (4 with armor).   Good warrior orcs: 15 12 8 12/14, MV 6 (4.5 with armor), primary weapon 14, shield 15, knife 14, bow 13, others 12-13.   Leader orcs: 15 13 9 12/14 MV 6.25 (5 with armor). Skills Primary weapon 16, Shield 16, bow 14, knife 14, others 13-14. There are typically 1 Leader orc for each 10 good warrior orcs, and 1 good warrior orc per 10 average orcs (1:10:100 ratios).   Example Names: Grishnâkh, Ukko, Mokk, Ghnâsh, Luzgursh, Ulgga, Uglúk, Bakushk, Tuska. Shagrat, Gorbag, Snaga, Radbug, Lagduf, Muzgash, Barfa, Tumhorn, Tugog, Malmug, Latbag, Thakrak, Bolg, Ghura, Kuga, Otha, Ushak, Horhog, Glub, Plumkrish, Tarz, Dharg, Hoshgrish, Zog, Mozû, Pâsh, Nazdûg, Azdûsh, Kugalûga, Dûsh, Ronk, Tûmûg, Khrosh, Grublik, Maimug, Bubol, Amûg, Gorgûm, Mûggrish, Akosh. They often have epithets as well, such as Zog the Bloated, Dharg the Gorger, Tarz the Butcher, Tugog the Strong, Mûggrish Brain Damaged, etc. Usually something intimidating and threatening.   Orc settlements tend to be small, and ruled over by the strongest, baddest, meanest orc. The strongest rule. They tend to organize into clans, each with a sigil; these clans may be spread out over several villages. The largest Orc settlements are small towns; their primitive governmental structures can’t support anything larger. Orcs have no problem with slavery; they will enslave rival orc clans, or prisoners of war, or anyone else they can get their hands on. Slaves are treated pretty badly; they are overworked, underfed, kicked, hit, and generally abused. Taking cues from other races, many Orc polities have become a bit more enlightened, forming more complex social structures that are less likely to fall apart due to internal instabilities. These Orc societies still tend towards autocracy, simply due to their nature, but they back off a bit on the more anarchic and brutal tendencies.   Orc populations tend to get large rather quickly without warfare to keep the populations down. Primitive Orcs had a rather high birthrate, as they tended to have litters of 1-3 orclets at a time. Singleton births are fairly rare. The offspring in these cases tended to be large and strong, since they didn’t have to share nutrients in the womb with siblings. These orcs get +2 ST, +1 HT, are typically 6” taller, and mass about 40 lbs more than the average orc. A typical orc of this type has stats along the lines of ST 16, DX 13, IQ 8, HT 14/16. If it isn’t a leader, it will be very close to the leader. Modern Orcs tend to get pregnant a lot less often. A standard Orc family might have 4-6 children that survive to adulthood, the result of an Orc mother getting pregnant 3-4 times during her life. Infant mortality is pretty high among Orcs, as are childhood accidents (this is a result of both their culture, which tends to be rather harsh and encouraging risk, and their innate psychology, which tends towards risk-taking in general).   Orcs use anything they can get their hands on be it weapons, tools, or techniques. If they see something that works, they will at least try it to see if it works for them. Unarmed combat includes Boxing, Wrestling, and Smasha.   Due to their photo sensitivity, Orcish clothing styles (at least for daytime use) involve wide-brimmed hats, cloaks (of light weight materials in the warmer areas), and sunglasses, made of tinted glass.   In the Tondene Empire, they were one of the first non-human races to get full citizenship. Their nocturnal natures make them a valued member of the multi-racial coalition that is the Empire. While they may still have a bad reputation from their brutish and relatively unintellectual natures, they are hard workers and are commonly found all over the Empire. Port Karn's population, for example, is about 40% Orc, and they make up a great majority of the workforce, both in the city and all over the surrounding farmland.
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