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Situated on a highlands between the Essimine watershed and the Ugolvorka watershed, J'radi is an area of “dry” forest (primarily oak, ash, hickory, and alder) and scrublands. With proper irrigation, the land can produce decent crops. The goblins, however, have made it a home. Most of the coastline is cliffs, although there are scattered beaches and a very nice harbor, where the capital city of Kel’jiiki is situated. The city also sports a good sized shipyard. Primary export is acorn flour, sheep and wool, timber, and ships. It is primarily a Goblin-populated country.   The Goblins of J'radi are a bit more advanced than goblins in other countries. They have Architecture TL5, Land Transportation TL4.5, Navigation TL 5, and Sea Transportation TL 4.5. Their ships are considered the best in the world, and have begun to develop some new types of ships. While the rest of the world uses caravels, carracks, galleys, longships, and balingers, the goblins of J'radi have developed the schooner sailing rig, and the galleon.   Predominant Language: Mekiitagi   Current Events: Two things primarily worry the leaders of J'radi: Emperor Kyneth, and the Orcs to the south. Of the two, the Orcs are a more immediate concern. Orcs are rarely stable in good times, and now is not a good time. Their raiding has gotten more frequent, and there are rumors of unrest within Ugolvorka. Many goblin towns on the southern slopes have been raided and burned, and those towns are the most productive when it comes to food and timber. Despite this, shipbuilding has increased, as Essimine, the Small Kingdoms, and Farsskal have all increased their orders for naval ships. The government has ordered an increase of fortifications for the settlements of the southern slopes. This will be wooden palisades and cheveax de frise, and later stone walls, if possible.   46890 square miles


Population 4079430 people
Population Density 87 people per square mile
Urban Population 68600 people
Cities 4
Towns 4
Villages 8912
Developed Land Area 22663 square miles
Wilderness Area 24227 square miles


Castles 81
Frontier Castles 20
Civil Castles 61
Ruins 15
Universities 0

City Demographics

City Type Big City
Population 24237
Noble Households 121
Advocates 37
Clergymen 606
Priests 24
  City Type Big City
Population 14542
Noble Households 73
Advocates 22
Clergymen 363
Priests 15
  City Type Big City
Population 12360
Noble Households 62
Advocates 20
Clergymen 309
Priests 12
  City Type City
Population 11124
Noble Households 55
Advocates 17
Clergymen 278
Priests 11
  Town Populations
2224, 1779, 1334, 1000


The ruling council is run by the most successful trading houses. There are 140 members of the ruling council (basically a parliament).


A wedge of land between the Essimine Monarchy and Ugulvorka, Jrade's lands tend towards the drier end of the spectrum. It isn't desert, but agriculture requires extensive irrigation systems. Not being a river valley, most of the water in the nation comes from wells and rainfall.


Jrade's military focuses on maritime forces. It's navy is, ship for ship, the strongest and best on the continent. It's smaller, but it's ships are more powerful than it's neighbors. Their army (more like marines, as part of their training takes place on ships) includes mandatory two year service due to their relatively low population and small country size.

Technological Level

The goblins of Jrade are ahead of the rest of the world in architecture, shipbuilding, and manufacturing processes.

Agriculture & Industry

Windmills power water pumps, providing the water necessary for irrigation. The goblins, being primarily carnivorous, grow plants primarily for flavor enhancement, rather than nutrition. They do keep lots of pastureland, however, with herds of steer, sheep, and goats, and pens full of fowl and pigs.   They are skilled artisans and craftsmen, and their shipbuilding is the best on the planet.
Founding Date
549 AFE
Geopolitical, Country
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Jraden Mariik (1 J'Mariik = 3 Imperial Royals)
Major Exports
Primarily ships, and ship building components, including pulleys, ropes, and other subcomponents.
Legislative Body
Traders Council
Neighboring Nations

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