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The orcs that live in this country live in a loose collection of villages and towns, all run by the strongest orc in the area, who is the Chief. While still more bestial than the surrounding nations, they are civilized enough to get along with their neighbors well enough. While there are raids into Farsskal, Jrade, and the Small Kingdoms, those are written off as “rogues, bandits, or dissidents”, despite at least some of them being sanctioned by the Ugolvorka Council of Chiefs. One of the things that their neighbors all fear is the rise of a very strong, motivated orc chief that is interested in gaining more territory.   Predominant Languages: Lurkash   Current Events: Ugolvorka’s orcs haven’t been paying much attention to what the Tondene Imperium has been doing. They are fairly happy warring amongst themselves and raiding their immediate neighbors. And their psychology favors the shards, which have been “guiding/encouraging” some orcs to start getting political ideas that is beginning to destabilize the Council of Chiefs. Some war lords are getting quite strong, gathering many villages into their camps. Raiding has increased, because the Council hasn’t been able to discourage those warlords from doing it. This, in turn, has made the warlords start to think that the Council has less power, and shouldn’t be listened to any more. So, in effect, Ugolvorka is starting to have what amounts to a civil war. Along the southern and western coasts, orc shipyards are increasing production of their war-barges, intent on attacking Farsskal and the Small Kingdoms. Luckily for everyone around them, orcs are less technologically advanced, so their ships aren’t all that great, but they don’t have to go far, and they primarily build ships to carry troops to fight on land. And they have the corvus attack bridge, which means that if they can get close enough, they can turn a naval battle to what amounts to a land battle.   One warlord in particular is especially dangerous: Grishka Bullspear. Besides being a good warrior, he has also been collecting shards, and his main shard fragment is 430lbs. He has built a special wagon for it, and he always has it with him. He has been attacking other orc villages primarily to add to his shard collection, and to make his primary shard bigger. (Grishka’s magic resistance is level 6, so many of the effects of combining shards don’t affect him, and so far, he has mostly been amused by whatever magical effects have been going on around him.)   148176 square miles  


Population 9927792 people
Population Density 67 people per square mile
Urban Population 105654 people
Cities 6
Towns 3
Villages 21826
Developed Land Area 55154 square miles
Wilderness Area 93022 square miles


Castles 199
Frontier Castles 50
Civil Castles 149
Ruins 35
Universities 0

City Demographics

City Type Big City
Population 44111
Noble Households 221
Advocates 68
Clergymen 1103
Priests 44
  City Type Big City
Population 17644
Noble Households 88
Advocates 27
Clergymen 441
Priests 18
  City Type Big City
Population 12350
Noble Households 61
Advocates 19
Clergymen 309
Priests 13
  City Type City
Population 9880
Noble Households 50
Advocates 15
Clergymen 247
Priests 10
  City Type City
Population 8892
Noble Households 44
Advocates 14
Clergymen 223
Priests 9
  City Type City
Population 8002
Noble Households 40
Advocates 12
Clergymen 200
Priests 8
  Town Populations 2000, 1500, 1275


Ugulvorka is rules by a council of clan chiefs. It is they who keep the warlords in check, usually. They ostensibly have control over the entire country, but that breaks down at the local level if there is a powerful warlord who doesn't listen to the council.
Founding Date
No one really knows the founding date of the Vorkan polity, but it is estimated to be somewhere around 700 AFE. The politics between the clans shifts so much that the government is on the more fluid side.
Geopolitical, Country
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Economic System
Mixed economy
Square coins called "grish" that come in gold, silver, and bronze, and of varying denominations. Gold: 100 grish, 1000 grish; Silver: 10 grish, 100 grish; Bronze: 1 grish, 5 grish, 10 grish. Note that they have two types of 100 grish coins and two types of 10 grish coins.   10 grish = 1 Jraden Mariik
Legislative Body
The primary legislative body in Ugulvorka is the Tribal Council, a collection of tribal chieftans selected from the strongest 100 clans. As power shifts between clans, the membership in the council does as well; chieftains serve two year terms, but there is no limit to the number of terms they can serve.

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