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Essimine Monarchy

The Essimine Monarchy’s capital city resides on the shores of Lake Essimere, a lake that is over a hundred miles wide. It sits on the Jormellan River, which flows out from the lake northwest to the sea. While primarily inhabited by humans and hobbits, there are also a significant number of dwarves, especially along the border of Darach. It is very agrarian, being a significant exporter of grains, fruits, and vegetables.   Predominant Languages: Harada, Northern Khuzdul   Current Events: The people of Essimine know that Emperor Kyneth is on the warpath. They also know that they are likely the first target. So they are building up their military, and stockpiling food stores. They have ceased exporting food to the Empire, which had been one of it’s better markets, instead trying to increase exports to Darach, J'radi, and the Small Kingdoms. When it comes to the Small Kingdoms, Essimine diplomats have been stressing that the Small Kingdoms exist because their neighbors allow them to exist. Were the Empire to attack them, they would roll over them piecemeal easily, because despite the Grand Alliance, their militaries are not typically united as one. Also, the Small Kingdoms would likely be attacked from three directions: from the north, through the Essimine Monarchy; from the east through the High Pass of the Northern Expanse; and from the west by landing troops in Freeport. Ultimately, the Monarchy knows it can’t stand up to the military might of the Empire; all it can do is slow it down and damage it enough so that maybe others can have a better chance to beat them.   There is a small (currently) portion of the movers and shakers that wouldn’t mind being annexed by the Empire, but so far there isn’t much support for the idea. The people of Essimine have pride in their country, and wouldn’t want to just become yet another Grand Duchy of the Empire.   302500 square miles in size.


28132500 people
  Population Density
93 people per square mile
  Urban Population
371208 people
  Cities 7   Towns 49  
61691   Developed Land Area
156291 square miles
  Wilderness Area
146209 square miles


Castles 563
Frontier Castles 141
Civil Castles
Ruins 97
Universities 1

City Demographics

City Type Big City
Population 79560
Noble Households 398
Advocates 122
Clergymen 1989
Priests 79
  City Type Big City
Population 39780
Noble Households 198
Advocates 62
Clergymen 995
Priests 39
  City Type Big City
Population 27846
Noble Households 139
Advocates 43
Clergymen 696
Priests 28
  City Type Big City
Population 22276
Noble Households 111
Advocates 34
Clergymen 557
Priests 23
  City Type Big City
Population 13365
Noble Households 67
Advocates 20
Clergymen 334
Priests 13
  City Type City
Population 11380
Noble Households 56
Advocates 18
Clergymen 284
Priests 11
  City Type City
Population 9656
Noble Households 48
Advocates 15
Clergymen 241
Priests 9
  Town Populations
7005, 6569, 6502, 6162, 5700, 5035, 5011, 4635, 4446, 4172, 3961, 3945, 3804, 3795, 3693, 3686, 3633, 3606, 3597, 3424, 3337, 3230, 3208, 3174, 3168, 3019, 3000, 2990, 2774, 2767, 2741, 2714, 2709, 2703, 2697, 2688, 2636, 2521, 2519, 2448, 2366, 2261, 2257, 2171, 2051, 2050, 1689, 1612, 1484


Hereditary monarchy, with a parliamentary body made up of the dukes, counts, and barons. Baronets have the same social standing as barons, but their titles were purchased, rather than inherited.   Ranks:
Indentured servant
  Social class/standing is also based upon wealth; beggars, while technically freemen, have the standing of slave or indentured servant.


All the usual things that a nation state would own: army, navy, land, resources.


The Essimine Monarchy has been a country for over a thousand years. During that time, several royal lines have been kings at one point or another. The current dynasty has held the crown for over two hundred years.

Technological Level

Their TL is about 4, like most other places. Roughly, late medieval-level technologies, with some exceptions due to the presence of magic and older, wiser races.


Polytheistic, much like everywhere else.

Foreign Relations

In general, the Essimine Monarchy tries to get along with all of its neighbors. They aren't the weakest country militarily, but they aren't the strongest either, and any money not going to the military grows the economy and makes everyone's lives better. So they focus on peaceful, trade-filled relations wherever possible.

Agriculture & Industry

Their agriculture is productive enough to be a net exporter of foodstuffs. They have some extensive salt-producing facilities along their northern coastline.

Trade & Transport

They have a good network of high quality roads crisscrossing their territory.


Most citizens are illiterate. Those in the middle classes and higher tend to have at least some literacy.
Founding Date
There is no defiinitve date, but many historians have agreed that it was around 158 BFE (Before Founding of the Empire).
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Essimine Marks
Copper Penny (0.1 Mark)
Silver Mark (1.0 Mark)
Gold Crown (10 Marks)
Gold Royal (100 Marks)
Gold Crown Royal (1000 Marks)
Major Exports
They export foodstuffs, textiles, salt, and lumber.
Major Imports
They are a net importer of metals, and heavy manufactured goods.
Legislative Body
Parliament, made up of the Dukes, Counts, and Barons. There is also the Minor House, a body comprised of Baronets (commoners who purchased noble rank), and wealthy land/business owners. They have no voting rights, but are an advisory council, although they act as lobbyists in actual practice.
Judicial Body
The Royal Court. There are several levels, from Local Courts at the city level, to the Royal Court (County level), to High Royal Court (Duchy level), to the highest level, The King's Justice (presided by the King or Queen him/herself, and only invoked for the most major of circumstances).
Executive Body
The King or Queen.
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