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Hobbits are a simple, quiet people found throughout human lands. They are diminutive, averaging four feet in height. They are quite agile and nimble-fingered, and excel at those crafts they practice. All hobbits have adopted human languages and religions, but maintain numerous eccentric customs.   They are of cheerful disposition. They greatly value hospitality, both as hosts and guests. Anyone who sets a generous table will receive an automatic +1 reaction bonus from Hobbits. On the other hand, Hobbits disapprove of rude or selfish persons, and dangerous-looking or outlandish characters. They will avoid such people if possible, preferring to dodge a confrontation. Rare indeed is the Hobbit who will attack someone who hasn’t threatened his life, or at least his comfortable home.  


  Hobbits are usually strict land dwellers, but some live in hollowed out riverbanks, or even build boats. The Marshfolk are an entire culture that lives close to water, in the meandering streams and pools of the tropics. The climate and soil don’t suit wheat or barley; instead, they grow several varieties of rice. Most of their cuisine and brewing includes rice. They favored beverage is very much like sake.   Marshfolk live in large villages. They build above ground, in huts atop wooden platforms on stilts, because it’s almost impossible to keep a hole dry; only the wealthy can afford holes in the few low hills. Abundant labor enables them to construct complex drainage systems to remove excess water. The systems also provide them with one of their best defenses. When desperate, they can open the watergates and drown their foes. Marshfolk also build flat-bottomed boats that they pole across the water. Some Marshfolk make surprisingly long journeys, for trade or simple curiosity.  


–3 ST, +1 DX, +1 HT, Acute Taste and Smell 2, Chummy, Code of Honor (Hobbit), Decreased Size 1, Increased Consumption (6 or 7 meals a day), Extra HP 1, Silence 1, Gluttony, Hard to Kill 1, Overweight, Social Regard 1 (Good Neighbor), Staid, 5 pt Addiction to Tobacco (optional), Talent (Ranged Weapons: short bow, sling, thrown javelin, thrown dagger, thrown rock, darts) 2. Net cost is 0.   Pair Fighting (M/H) Requires as a prerequisite Tactics (1) and Body Language (1). This is the skill that allows two (or more) people to fight as one; a seamless integration of flashing blades in the heat of combat. It allows for multiple warriors to not get in each others’ way, and to parry and block blows meant for others. The technique uses knowledge of combat style and body language to read the other pair fighter in order to move and strike. Fighters using this technique must be in either the same hex or in adjacent hexes, and, although it is usually against the same foe, it doesn’t have to be. If the Pair Fighting roll is made (by both fighters), then they may both attack as normal, without fear of tripping over each other, stabbing one another, fouling blades, etc. If one makes it but the other doesn’t, then the failing fighter’s attack is at –4 and must make a DX roll to not have problems…. If the either of the fighters crit fail, then one of the pair has accidently attacked the other. If the rolls are successful, then both may attack without difficulty. Furthermore, one can feint, and the other can take immediate advantage of that feint (as well as the feinter taking advantage on his next attack).  


5 points
The philosophy of the Halfling people is one of simplicity: be prudent but not profound, generous but not spendthrift, hardworking but not self-denying. Always fulfill your obligations, and know when not to take on more. Above all, try to get along; with your neighbor, the locals, and the Big People among whom you live. This philosophy extends to all parts of halfling life and is so much a part of their culture it doesn't even have a name, although it is best simply summed up as "harmony." If only the Big People could all live the same way...   The story always starts the same way. A Halfling village or community, oppressed and abused by its human rulers, prepares to defend itself, ready for the worst. One day a Halfling stranger of indeterminate age, wearing a battered blue cloak and walking with a stick, comes into town and asks for a place to stay. On the first day, he's helping out, fixing a fence or tending to a hurt sheep. By the third day, he's teaching the young men of the village how to defend themselves. He stays for a month or two, training and guiding his students, and then is gone as mysteriously as he arrived.   The style, in keeping with halfling philosophy, is simple and economic. The opponent's height and strength are used against him, and the halfling's natural stealth and grace are exploited to effect. The weapon of choice is a walking stick, around two feet in length, which is used both in attack and defense, striking at the wrists and ankles to disarm and incapacitate. Slings and a variety of thrown weapons are also used. The master himself is supposed to be capable of outlandish feats, knocking over armored men and disappearing entirely from view, but he rarely remains in one place long enough to teach these highest disciplines.   Primary Skills: Judo, Short Staff, Stealth, Throwing.

Secondary Skills: Acrobatics, Hypnotism, Philosophy (Harmony), Sling.

Optional Skills: Bow, First Aid/TL4, Herb Lore.

Maneuvers: Arm Lock (Judo or Short Staff) [1 point], Disarming, Hit Location (Short Staff) [2 points], Off-Hand Weapon Training (Short Staff).

Cinematic Skills: Invisibility Art, Light Walk, Pressure Points, Push, Throwing Art.

Cinematic Maneuvers: Roll With Blow.
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