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Tondene Empire

The Tondene Empire is, by all accounts, the most powerful nation on the continent of Endrica. It sits in the northeast portion of the landmass, and is quite large in size. It has been around for almost 900 years, and has encompassed nations and tribes of all of the sentient races except for the reptilefolk.


Feudal Empire   Social Ranks:
Grand Duke/Duchess

Indentured Servant

Demography and Population

The Empire is made up of Humans, Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs, and Aarakocra. Most areas are of mixed race, with the proportions generally following racial densities related to where and when the Empire conquered that land/tribe. For example, in areas that, before becoming part of the empire, were primarily Orcish, the current population would have a higher proportion of Orcs. If the conquered lands had been primarily Elven, then the current population would have a higher proportion of Elves. And so on. The exception to this is the Aarakocra, who primarily live in mountains of high altitude, usually above 5000 feet or so. Very few have taken residence in cities, although when they do, they are almost always in great demand for jobs that their abilities allow them to do better than anyone else.


The Tondene Empire has a huge standing army and navy. But they also have a huge territory to protect, so their "military density" isn't any better than any other country. Given time, they can rearrange their forces to apply great strength to a single spot, but at the moment that would make too many other places weaker.

Foreign Relations

For the most part, for the last few centuries, the Tondene Empire has been very peaceful with respect to its neighbors. It's big enough as it is, with lots of room to grow within it's own borders, so it has had little to no reason to practice expansionism. Lately, however, the emperor has gotten involved in the collection of shards, so he has begun ramping up the military.
Founding Date
By definition, 0 AFE (After Founding of Empire)
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Imperial Royals
Legislative Body
Parliament, made up of the 301 highest ranking nobles (mostly grand dukes and dukes, although there are several marqesses as well).
Judicial Body
The Tondene Judiciary handles the justice system in the Empire. Most courts are administered at the local level. Things can get bumped to the duchy level (the Higher Courts) or even to the highest level (the Imperial Courts).

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