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The Kingdom of Darach

Like most Dwarven countries, it’s mostly underground. While several small farming settlements dot the terraced mountainsides, supplying supplemental foodstuffs to the underground metropolises, over 80% of the population resides in the extensive caverns hollowed out of the mountains. In the southern portions of the kingdom, at the higher elevations, there are a few aarakocra enclaves, who, while primarily independent, are still under governmental control of the Kingdom. The primary trade goods are mineral ores, metal ingots, and manufactured goods.   Predominant Languages: Northern Khuzdul (dialect of Khuzdul, defaults at -3), Imperial, Harada   Current Events: The leaders of Darach are aware of the Empire’s expansion plans, and are worried that they will be attacked. They are building up stockpiles of supplies and weapons, and are excavating new tunnels and caverns, keeping them as secret bolt holes. Trade with the Empire continues, but it’s a bit more limited, and traders on both sides know it could collapse at any time. Meanwhile, fresh troops are being enlisted and trained. While the undercities are tough nuts to crack, the villages and towns on the mountainsides that produce a majority of the food are all very vulnerable. Losing a lot of them would allow the Empire to lay siege to the undercities and starve them out.   To mitigate this possibility, the undercities of Darach are stocking up on food and water, just in case they lose to topside settlements and their agricultural output. They are focusing on making more caves for farming, using the Continual Sunlight spell for illumination, as well as ramping up production of Essential Food, as it doesn't spoil. Currently, the Matriarchs of Darach estimate that should a siege happen tomorrow, they might last six months. Within two months, they want to be able to handle a year; and within six months or preparation, they want to be able to manage two or more years.   Meanwhile, even Dwarves aren't immune to the effects of the Shards; there are plenty of Dwarves who covet them, and in fact, since they are already predisposed to crystals, Dwarves might be even more susceptible to their allure.   96044 Square miles
Population: 7395388 people
Population Density: 77 people per square mile
Urban Population: 445836 people
Cities: 6
Towns: 99
Villages: 15443
Developed Land Area: 41085 square miles
Wilderness Area: 54959 square miles
  Infrastructure Castles: 148
Frontier Castles: 37
Civil Castles: 111
Ruins: 36
Universities: 0
  City Demographics   City Type: Big City
Population: 38072
Noble Households: 191
Advocates: 59
Clergymen: 951
Priests: 38
  City Type: Big City
Population: 19036
Noble Households: 95
Advocates: 29
Clergymen: 476
Priests: 19
  City Type: Big City
Population: 17132
Noble Households: 86
Advocates: 27
Clergymen: 429
Priests: 17
  City Type: Big City
Population: 14562
Noble Households:72
Advocates: 23
Clergymen: 364
Priests: 15
  City Type: Big City
Population: 12377
Noble Households: 62
Advocates: 19
Clergymen: 309
Priests: 12
  City Type: City
Population: 9901
Noble Households: 49
Advocates: 15
Clergymen: 248
Priests: 10
  Town Populations
7647, 6939, 6465, 6364, 6284, 6032, 5925, 5744, 5572, 5477, 5469, 5250, 5199, 5005, 4857, 4778, 4740, 4671, 4634, 4532, 4452, 4343, 4278, 4206, 4077, 4071, 3942, 3891, 3826, 3820, 3775, 3709, 3633, 3595, 3536, 3491, 3480, 3376, 3370, 3358, 3303, 3249, 3230, 3203, 3194, 3125, 3120, 3120, 3105, 3076, 3027, 2905, 2893, 2879, 2798, 2709, 2691, 2651, 2616, 2597, 2596, 2583, 2551, 2542, 2535, 2529, 2517, 2515, 2505, 2493, 2467, 2462, 2453, 2435, 2397, 2393, 2385, 2364, 2334, 2332, 2306, 2274, 2265, 2256, 2253, 2248, 2242, 2240, 2215, 2158, 2106, 2105, 2098, 2073, 1807, 1467, 1355, 1322, 1274


Wood, metals, grains, vegetables, fruit.   Wood includes both hard and soft woods. Metals include iron, silver, some gold, and small deposits of various other metals useful for alloys. There is bauxite, but the Dwarves of Darach haven't figured out how to smelt it properly (requires electricity, and they can't make enough of it for long enough to matter). Grains are wheat, rice, and barley. Vegetables and fruit run the gamut.


The people of Darach are not expansionist. They have never been interested in anyone else's lands, so all of their military actions have been defensive. They are really good with that.   They have repeating ballistae guarding their causeways. Enough of them to make trying to run 500 yards down a hallway killzone rather difficult (not to mention terrifying). These are backed up by pikemen/spearmen, which are backed up by close quarters fighters armed with axes and short swords and shields.   If the Empire comes calling, modern weapons and armor will make it much more difficult to invade the mountain fortresses of the Dwarves.


Polytheistic, although Khuz'dun seems to be favored, being the earth god.

Agriculture & Industry

Several secluded areas have been cleared for farming, on terraced mountain sides. They also have vast caverns, lit with Continual Sunlight spells, that grow food. Other caverns, unlit (except for phosphoescent fungi) that are used to grow mushrooms, which are a staple of the Dwarven diet.

Trade & Transport

Trade flows smoothly between the undercities, traveling along the causeways and side tunnels under the mountains. There is some trade with other countries, utilizing the coast and ocean.


Most citizens are literate.


Plumbing, HVAC, and sewage control are a given.
Founding Date
145 BFE
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Darachan Bar (their coinage look like little ingots; 4 Bars= $1)
Copper Bar (1 Bar)
Bronze Bar (10 Bars)
Brass Bar (100 Bars)
Silver Bar (500 Bars)
Electrum Bar (1000 Bars)
Gold Bar (10000 Bars)
Major Exports
Lumber, metals, gemstones, precious stones, high quality marble and granite.
Major Imports
Specialized foods, spices.
Legislative Body
Council of Advisors
Judicial Body
The Courts of Darach
Executive Body
The ruling monarchs
Related Species

At peace, for now

The Kingdom of Darach is aware of the Empire's expansionist rhetoric, and is preparing just in case it turns out to be more than that.

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