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Humans are, well, humans. Skin tones range from dark brown to tannish pink, basically anywhere between caucasian, through the various shades of brown to almost black. In the Port Karn area, which is subtropical and fairly close to the equator, skin tones tend towards the darker shades. Pale skin is a sign of a visitor, tourist, or delegation from the far north.   Culturally flexible and myriad, humans are pretty good at pretty much everything. Their religions vary, retelling the old stories in varied ways. They are good at trying various political methodologies, ranging from anarchy to autocrats, and stagnant bureaucracies to lively democracies. Some can be as intolerant as orcs, others can be as sneaky as a goblin, and still others can be as reverent as an elf in a glade.   They can be found just about anywhere, from the cold wastes to the warm equatorial regions. They are culturally flexible, and can, if there is incentive, get along with just about anyone.

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