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Time and Time-Keeping

It depends upon the culture/race.   Dwarves, being engineering types and mechanically minded, (and living underground where they don't see the sun) have developed clocks. Since the spell Alarm can be cast on jewelry (the spell makes the item vibrate on the hour) for a relatively low price, these clocks started out as toys or kinetic sculptures. However, their mechanistic beauty made them more popular than the simple Alarm bracelets.   Humans and Hobbits use timing candles, and, in some areas, water clocks.   Goblins use the Alarm spell, enchanted onto jewelry.   Orcs rarely care; they are nocturnal anyway (they become weaker in sunlight) and either look at the stars or use timing candles like the Humans.   Elves...that will take some explaining. They live for thousands of years, so their sense of time is much more...relaxed. After all, they effectively have all the time in the world.   "Countries come and go,
Empires rise and fall,
People live, people die,
And Elves will live through it all."
Time sense for Elves is very different from that of shorter-lived races. To Elves, the other races are ephemeral. It is not unusual for an Elf to go visit a non-Elf friend only to find out their friend had died a decade ago. To most Elves, keeping track of the individual days is much like keeping track of how many ants exit an anthill. Day to day timekeeping is not too relevant for them. While Dwarves (and Humans) tend to break the day down into consistently-sized chunks (primarily from a mechanistic viewpoint), Elves aren’t quite so rigid. They break their days into six unequal pieces, based on the sun.   Hour of Spreading Light: (Lúmë Altapalyië) predawn to about midmorning.
Hour of Smaller Shadows: (Lúmë Cintavathar) midmorning to midafternoon
Hour of Stretching Sun: (Lúmë Anartainië) midafternoon to sunset
Hour of Enfolding Dark: (Lúmë Morivaiyië) sunset to late evening
Hour of Deepest Quiet: (Lúmë Tumnaquilda) late evening to past midnight
Hour of Final Dancing: (Lúmë Métimaliltië) past midnight to the wee hours of the morning
  These hours vary in size depending upon the season and latitude, but when you are an Elf, the exact number of seconds are largely irrelevant.   That all said, where the races interact with each other, the above list can get mixed up a bit. There are plenty of non-Dwarves, for example, that have spent the large sums of money for Dwarven clocks to put on their mantles. The area that I am primarily working on is a collection of smallish nations, mostly organized by race, except for the largest nation, which gobbled up smaller, racially based tribes/nations early in its history. Now it's a cosmopolitan mishmash of just about every race. So just about every time-keeping device can be found somewhere within its borders. Except, perhaps, for Elves, since 1) their thought processes are rather conservative, and 2) their concept of time makes most time-keeping devices irrelevant.

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