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Personal Economics

Maslow’s Needs:

1) Air Water food shelter sleep clothing reproduction
2) personal security employment resources health property
3) friendship intimacy family sense of connection
4) respect self esteem status recognition strength freedom
5) desire to become the most that one can be

Cost of living, commoner

About $600/month. This represents 2 meals a day, not three; sufficient, but uncomfortable. Lots of rice and beans, little meat. But rent or mortgage is covered, and there is enough for heating fuel (amortized over the entire year; obviously there is less need in the summer, more in the winter). Given that winter temperatures in Port Karn range in the 40-50F during the day and 35-45F during the night, fuel costs for heating is minimal (although fuel for cooking is still required). Naturally, there are fluctuations, and below freezing temperatures have been known to happen.   Drinks at the local taverns start at $1 for cheap beer (usually of poor to average quality, think Bud Light), $2 for decent beer (high end commercial beers) ; and $3-4 for good beer (good craft beer). A glass of wine can cost $2-$6, depending upon quality; a bottle will be 4x that price. A glass of spirits can run $1-$10, depending upon what kind of spirit it is and it's quality; most taverns will have one or more of the following: vodka, rum, whiskey, brandy, liqueurs. Cheap vodka and rum will be at the low end (and likely to leave you with a hangover) ; whiskey doesn't usually get lower than $3 per glass; brandy and liqueurs are usually at the higher end. Mixed drinks aren't really much of a thing, yet (although I wouldn't be surprised if a Hobbit somewhere was doing experiments....)   Meals at the local inns and eating establishments run from $2 to $5, and they will have 1-3 different things on the daily menus. Some high end restaurants will have food prices much higher than that ($10-$50 per meal). You are paying for the status and ambiance of the place, in addition to the food. Bread and cheese (or porridge/oatmeal) can be had for $1 at most places, for those on a budget.   Note that eating out all of the time can be rather expensive in the long run. $5 for an average meal and drink; more if Alcoholism or Gluttony is one of your disadvantages. High Status can also make food costs higher, simply due to higher expectations and a reluctance to eat "crappy food".   Carriage rides (much like a taxi service) is priced by distance traveled. A few blocks will be $1; across town will be $10. Note that typically, there are so many people in the street that it's often easier/quicker to walk to your destination. Carriages, however, don't leave your feet tired, can be more comfortable, and imply a higher status or wealth level (even if it's not true). Carriages can seat 4 comfortably (or uncomfortably if armored) ; or 6 unarmored people if they don't mind crowding together. Roads in the city are typically cobblestones or pavers, and in general, pretty decent.   You can also get carriage rides out into the countryside. That will cost more; it's potentially farther, more dangerous, and the roads can be "less than ideal". They are not typically paved, and tend to be dirt (occasionally graveled). Rain makes them muddy. Carriage rides out into the farmlands can cost from $5 to $60, and they typically won't go farther than 5 hours out, 5 back, which ends up being a range of about 25 miles or so, given the state of the roads. In an ideal case, the carriage can keep up a pace of about 8 miles an hour on metaled roads and high quality horses. A carriage can be rented for $50 per day plus a $100 deposit, assuming you know how to handle one (requires the Teamster skill to drive).

Cost of living, commoner, better off

$800/month. Better food, mostly, plus maybe some less worn clothing. Furniture is used, worn, handmedowns, or DIY. Any decorations around the house are very inexpensive or made by the owner.

CoL, middle class

$1200/month. Good food, and plenty of it. Clothing doesn’t look worn (mostly), furniture is better (less worn/higher quality), and there are decorations around the house. Decent wine, good ales, some liqueurs.

CoL, upper middle class

$3000/month. Good food, plenty of it. Often a choice of foods. Good wines, good ales, liqueurs. Good furniture, lots of decorations around the house, maybe some nice artwork.   It gets more expensive from there.   Cost of Living really only represents the first level of Maslow’s needs. Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing. Anything else has to be paid for with whatever is left over. Most jobs at the commoner level pay around $800/month. There is some variance, see page 516-517. Well-skilled individuals can often earn a bit more than the average. Health problems, or accidents, or Acts of the Gods can set you back money-wise as well. House upkeep (roof, siding, maintenance) can also cost some bucks; assume about $600/year for replacing broken roof tiles/shingles, re-applying stucco and paint, occasionally repairing structural members, cleaning out the chimney, etc. This would be in addition to the normal Cost of Living, but it only comes up if they own a home/building. If they rent, they talk to their landlord (who may only be a property manager who hold the property in tenancy for some local lord).   Elitheris and Finn both have Status 0. Commoners. That means they need to pay out $600/month for various things.

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