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The Duchy of Antonian


  The local Grand Duchess is a Dwarf by the name of Frida Featherstone. Her palace is the one on the hill on the south side of the river. It’s walls are 40’ high. The citadel doubles as the local military base, housing not only the Grand Duchess’ mansion house, but the barracks, mess, infirmary, training/parade grounds, and the administration buildings. In the center is a green space, with a pond and a small grove of local plants, remnants of the jungle that used to be here centuries ago.
Her family has been in power for several centuries. She is 431 years old, and inherited the title and lands when her father died 74 years ago. She has two children, a boy (Anders, 230 years old) and a girl (Shayl, 210 years old). She also had another son, Umber (who would be 273 years old), but he was killed by assassins.   She has two brothers, both younger than she (Monten, 409; Sedd 376). If Frida dies (or otherwise becomes incapable of ruling) the succession goes Anders, Shayl, Monten, Monten’s children, Sedd, Sedd’s children. Monten and Sedd (and their families) still live under the mountains in the family’s ancestral homes, so if they ever had to take over, they would be very unfamiliar with the Port Karn area. Not a showstopper, but it might be a difficult transition.   Most of her attention is on the grand duchy as a whole; she lets Duke Antonian handle the local stuff; he, in turn, delegates the running of the city to Count Sharpe (and other county-level things to the respective counts/viscounts). Those local things are often delegated to the even more local barons, although not always; this varies by count and how active they are politically. Some are better than others; many have a hands-off attitude that allows them to enjoy their ranks more than those that actually do the work.   There are 158 noble houses, not including Featherstone.   The Grand Duchy (which includes areas not in Port Karn’s immediate area; it’s about 1/12th the size of the whole Empire)
Grand Duchess: Frida Featherstone
Dukes (12, 1 of which is “local” to the Port Karn area) (4 Dwarven [3 in the Zirinibar Mens, 1 in the Melekurad Mtns], 4 Human, 1 Elf [NW, near Linaxa], 3 Orcs)
Counts (150, 12 of which are “local”; 3 Viscounts, 9 Counts) (VCCHuman CCCOrc CDwarf VCElf CHobbit VCGoblin)
Barons (1530, 145 of which are “local”; 97 Barons, 48 Baronets) (Human Orc Dwarf Elf Hobbit Goblin)   Knights/Steadholders (1565, typically members of the noble families already listed above)      

Rank Key

D Duke (6-)
C Count (5-)
V Viscount (4+)
B Baron (4-)
Bt Baronet (3+)
K Knight (2+)
  A note on sizes: Baronies range in size from 400-1200 square miles (about a square 20 to 34 miles on a side) Counties range in size from 3000-6000 square miles (typically 8-12 baronies)  

The Families

D Rufus Antonian, Human 5'9", 145 lbs. ST 12 DX 12 IQ 11 HT 11 Slight of build, but wiry and an expert fencer. Likes cats, tolerates dogs, but gets along well with the Duchess due to sense of humor, keen eyes, and sharp mind. Enjoys the politics of the Court. Likes to wear blue and silver. Human. Married, age 39. Is on good terms with the Grand Duchess, and tends to support her policy decisions, primarily due to similarity in political approaches.   __________V Taeranil Silverbrow, Elf, 450 yrs old. 6’1”, 160 lbs, silvery hair, bright green eyes. Likes politics. He champions the causes of the Elves; he could be called an Elven chauvinist. Likes horses and music of all kinds. Not very active as a politician except where Elven concerns lie. He's been Viscount for 200 years, yet he has tried to make himself as likeable as possible to as many nobles as he can through honesty and good reputation. Known for his levity and wit, and unwillingness to take anything really seriously. He's been married for the last 100 years. Tends to like throwing parties, with lots of music and dancing, usually at night, under the stars. He also likes Orcish and Goblish music, frequently featuring those style of musicians. He is good friends with Baron Khrosh, but barely tolerates Baroness Drusilla Ursin.   _______________B Ghnâsha Gorebag Orc F   _______________B Cetus the Golden Man Human M 5'6", 198 lbs, overweight, age 66, grey hair/beard; very hairy (his hair used to be blonde brownish grey eyes, long beard & mustache, hook nose, beer gut, lined & weathered face. Married to Stephanie (age 60 5 kids (42M, 40M, 39F, 35F, 33M lots of grandkids. Likes gadgets, puzzles, mindgames, math, intrigue. ST 8, DX 10, IQ 15, HT 9. Has nearly been assassinated 8 times, catching the perp 5 of those times. He tends to put himself and his family ahead of just about any other concern, so he is often approached by those scheming to gain more power, in the hopes that he will side with them and give them aid. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. He tends to put a lot of his income towards personal guards, in order to protect his rather large extended family. In the back of his mind is the worry that some malefactor will kill or kidnap members of his family. So far, they have been successful in stopping any of that kind of business. But he feels it's only a matter of time before someone is successful.   _______________B Gorgûm Khrosh Orc M ST 15 DX 12 IQ 9 HT 12 6’6”, 285lbs, dark hair, dark skin, brown eyes. Likes riding. Hates the sun (as many Orcs do, but he is vehement about it), and does whatever he can to be nocturnal. He likes Viscount Silverbrow, and enjoys the parties the Viscount throws (probably because the Viscount typically holds them at night). He also has a fondness for Elven music and foods, and is always trying to get Taeranil to have more Orcish bands providing the music, which occasionally works.   _______________B Bolg Bonecrusher Orc M 7'2", 350 lbs, very strong, has gigantism, brown hair, brown eyes. Kind of slow moving, but his brain is quick. Likes watching people try to get comfortable in the furniture he has at home (everything is built for his size — you should see everyone sitting at his table). He thinks it's only fair. Plays Juggernaught as a Slasher, and is very good; he also plays Rugby. Known to have lifted a man up by his throat with one hand and broken his neck. Age 38, married to Akasha; he has a girl age 13 and a boy age 10. Tends to say everything in terms of sports, especially Juggernaught.   _______________B Genjaa Kaalv’gekko Goblin M   _______________B Maarikis Zaagi Goblin F ST 8 DX 12 IQ 11 HT 10 3’10”, 87lbs, Straight dark hair, tawny eyes. Tends to smile a lot, showing her sharp teeth. She tends to disagree with Duke Antonian on many policy decisions, which often get overruled by the Duke, much to her chagrin.   _______________B Timothy "Calmtones" Granger Human M Known for his soothing, calm voice and well versed in both mediation and diplomacy.   _______________B Drusilla Ursin Human F   _______________B Ezelassë Nornondo Elf M   _____C Olson Darkheart of Sableford, 235 lbs, 4’8”, Dwarf, black hair, brown eyes, very shrewd, ruthless businessman, but very dependable. Age 255, been married three times, currently a bachelor. Average appearance. All three of his wives have been killed by agents of the Church of the Awakening, usually messily. As a result, he tends to concentrate on the Church’s doings at the expense of practically ignoring mundane politics.   _______________B Allyn Hellshark Human M 5'9", 184 lbs, bald, long droopy mustache, blue eyes, 60 years old, married. Known for his seemingly oversized teeth, he can eat corn on the cob through a chain link fence. Smiles a lot, friendly. Hates peasants, and will not tolerate them in his castle to the point of going outside to talk with them, if he absolutely must. Prefers to let others do it for him, though. His wife is named Jeanne. He is a mage, specializing in Communication and Empathy spells. Owns several sawmills, and is himself a decent woodworker (hobbyist).   _______________B Jellinek the Obese, Goblin M, 4’4”, 210 lbs. ST 10 DX 12 IQ 10 HT 10 An unsavory character, he uses his power and influence to gratify himself and abuse others. Wears about six earrings in each ear. Ruthless in both business and pleasure, he has made himself rich with his eye for profitable ventures and through the elimination of competition. Single, age 47. He is always trying to find a way to get control of a County. So far, he hasn’t had much success, but only because he is sly, careful, and hasn’t been caught. He has been complaining that Count Darkheart hasn’t been paying enough attention to his “countly duties”, and has been trying to find out what scandalous activities has been keeping him away from them. He has, so far, found nothing, and hasn’t even figured out about the Order of Galatha. He is aware that the Count and the Church of the Awakening are not friends, however. Ironically enough, were he to find out, he would be the first to come down hard on the Awakeners, given that he doesn’t like them either, and thinks they are a bunch of crazy cultists who need a better hobby.   _______________B Evan “Lech Hanger” Palan Human M 6'0", 194 lbs, brown, thinning hair, grey eyes, age 57. So named because some poor schmuck had the audacity to make a move on his wife, and got his neck stretched for it. Has eight legitimate children, and probably as many bastards, through many different women. Although he supports them all, some of the mistresses have since died from various circumstances. These have been hushed up, as they could reflect badly on him. Loves his kids, grandkids (all 22 of them), dogs, birds, hawking, and sailing.   _______________B Bubol Amûg Orc F 6’1” 190 lbs. ST 14 DX 11 IQ 9 HT 12 She is a member of the Church of the Awakening, but is a believer, not a cultist. She is unaware of what the Church is really all about. She sees it as an enlightening organization, and suffers from Baron Jellinek’s scorn about it. She is unaware of how much Count Darkheart despises the Church she is a member of, although she has noticed his occasional glares at her, for which she has no understanding of, especially since her political views and policies strongly align with his. She was married to Kroll Strongfist, but he was killed in a hunting accident. It was an assassination, and she knows this, but hasn’t been able to get to the bottom of who caused it or why, although she suspects Baron Jellinek. He denies having anything to do with it, saying if he were so inclined to assassinate anyone, she would have been the target, given that she is the Baron, not her late husband. It actually was his doing, except the assassin got the info wrong, thinking that Kroll was the Baron, not Bubol, so he killed the wrong target.   _______________B Caranor Arionir, Elf M. 6'1", 174 lbs, attractive, charismatic, willful. An accomplished mage, he likes mind magic and illusions. Age 555, married to Norsalquë Inhalda (she's 6'4"). The alpine forests in his barony are a primary supplier of tall, straight ship masts. He’s been the baron for what seems like forever, having become a permanent fixture in political circles. His experience is vast, although others think that his “overly patient” (read “do-nothing”) style is grating on shorter-lived people. He has the tendency to wait too long sometimes to make decisions, even though his decisions are rarely mistakes. He weighs every datum point, figures out the consequences, and calculates the end results. You do not want to play chess with this guy. He takes too long to make a move, and then declares victory when the game has barely begun. Then, when you dispute his declaration, shrugs, gestures for you to keep playing, then proceeds to systematically outplay you, having calculated plays hundreds of turns in advance.   _______________B Albert "The Pale" Derlichen Human M 6'5", 190 lbs, somewhat thin, very fair but pasty skin. Always suffering from one malady or another, hypochondriac, and has a shrill, high pitched voice. Can be annoying at times, but he is good at politics and mediation. An asset in the royal courts. Rumors about him being one of the undead are just plain wrong, as are the rumors of him murdering his older brother to get his father's lands and titles. (His brother had a horse riding accident and broke his neck. There was NO evidence for a sabotaged saddle.)   _______________B Snaga the Hatchet-Faced Orc M 6’3” 273lbs, narrow faced, and with a large nose with a straight bridge. Wiry, slender, but very muscular. ST 15 DX 12 IQ 10 HT 15 Dark hair, worn like a Klingon (in a mane-like cascade).   _______________B Latbag “Thorn” Dûsh Orc M 5'6", 190 lbs, brown eyes, green spiky mohawk, hence his epithet. Doesn't like short jokes (his hair makes him look six inches taller). Wears a nose ring when in informal situations. Has a tattoo of a sea dragon going up his right arm, and a hydra spiralling down his left. It is rumored that the hydra can bite people who get too close, and that the sea dragon bestows upon him the ability to breathe underwater. There is no evidence for either, but it makes interesting dinner conversation. Avg appearance, 40 years old, married to Tuska the Wise.   _______________B Ukko Glub Orc M   _______________B Hallek Chessmaster, Human M Diplo 18, Chess 25 (looks like Patrick Stewart), 5'8", 160 lbs, balding. Very distinctive voice, wears the trappings of power well. Nice guy, single, age 48. His wife of 12 years was killed in a boating "accident".   _______________B Baltrechep Sharptooth, Goblin M   _____C Ushak of Kresh Orc 5'8" 280 lbs, muscular, blond hair worn rather wildly, golden brown eyes, full beard and mustache. ST 15, DX 12, IQ 10, HT 14, 38 years old (he became Count at age 32 when his father fell in combat in a border skirmish with the Dwarves of the Firelands). He was married during the years 779-784 (his wife was killed in a kitchen fire that burned down an entire wing of his castle. He knows that there was foul play involved, but hasn't been able to find the arsonist. There is a reward for $25,000 for information leading to the conviction of the criminal(s), and one for $100,000 if someone brings in the criminal alive). He has two children, ages 12F and 7M. He likes combat, tournaments, and the Hunt.   _______________B Osric Macrede 6'1", 450 lbs, fat, bald, black, beady eyes, M2, IQ 14, ST 10, DX 11, HT 10, good mage, elementalist & Epicurean, age 41. Married to Esmerelda the Tiny (5'0", 90 lbs, slim, beautiful, "barren" [actually, it is Osric who is as seedless as a navel orange] has an adopted son, age 23. Likes magic, sensual pleasure (food, sex, art, etc.). Lusty and ugly, he is not very kind to his wife, but, since she's a golddigger. . . . He's very greedy, but he likes to spend money on himself and his surroundings. Rides around in an airgolemed wheelchair because he hates walking.   _______________B Patric "Swordarm" Taylor Human M ST 11 DX 11 IQ 10 HT 11. 5’8”, 190lbs, decent swordsman, but not spectacular; his epithet is half joking. Age 43, married, one son. Has a dislike for Bronn Kreide; this stemmed from an old rivalry over a woman.   _______________B Filrion Indariel Elf M 6' 2", 175 lbs, blond hair, green eyes, very handsome, clean shaven, very charismatic, and very much unlike the meaning of his last name. Very likeable and with a great sense of humor, he is a winner with the ladies. Likes swimming, running, and biking, and is very athletic. Rumored to be very good in bed, if the women who've been there are to be believed. He's 366 years old, and single. Living just outside the town of , his manor sits atop a small hill overlooking the mineral springs.   _______________B Bronn Kreide Human M Age 46 He and Patric Taylor have a beef with each other. He has a younger brother married to Kyran Walters.   _______________B Pikiivo Brubiigi Goblin F   _______________B Sagrak Lagrug Orc M   _______________B Rubash Kugog Orc F   _______________B Mogi Rohok Orc M   _______________B Gebrag Migesh Orc M   _______________B Slada Ghura the Protector Orc F ST 15 DX 12 IQ 9 HT 11. 5’11” 215lbs, Black hair, cut short. Pretty. She tends to try to look out for her subjects more than most other nobility. She is pretty close to the idealized feudal lord, and takes her job very seriously.   _____C Alistaire "Razor" Sharpe of Rhades 5'7", 160 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, attractive. ST 12, DX 12, IQ 14, HT 11, 50 yrs old (but looks about 40), married to a very attractive woman named Veronia, who has given him four fine children aged 25M (killed in a war three years ago), 22F, 18F, and 15M. He is an active member of the Order of Galatha.   _______________B Cyrin Kleige Human M ST 10 DX 11 IQ 14 HT 11 tall (6’2”), slender (185lbs) white haired man of 53 years. He has three living children, all grown, two boys and a girl. All three have steadings that they oversee. Cyrin’s hobbies include chess, horse racing (the gambling side of things, rather than having race horses), and painting (he is a fair painter, not really a good one, but it makes him happy). He is wary of Shards, since he doesn’t trust them, and won’t allow them in the house.   _______________B Krugg Far-thrower Orc M ST 16 DX 12 IQ 8 HT 14 Age 34, 6’5”, 300lbs, black hair worn in a mohawk, cut short. Has tattoos on his arms and chest. Wears lots of rings on his fingers. Known for his skill at javelin throwing; he has won several local competitions, and placed well in more regional competitions. His weapon of choice is a poleax, and his has +2 Puissance, +2 Accuracy, and +2 Penetration. It also can light up using the Light spell, which Krugg mainly uses “to look fearsome” (he usually chooses a dull, reddish glow to make people think it’s heated up). Married (and utterly devoted) to a human woman named Merretis, he and his wife have adopted an Orcish baby named Akosh. Merritis is the one who runs the barony, acting as primary administrator. Krugg is just not smart enough to run things effectively, but he means well, and plays his part, and leaves the bulk of the thinking to his better half.   _______________B Clematis Woodhome Hobbit F ST 9 DX 12 IQ 11 HT 12 Age 44 4’3”, 80lbs, glossy brown hair, worn long and flowing, with some curl. Her husband died four years ago, in a hunting accident (no foul play; a boar gored him in the gut and he bled out before he could be gotten to a healer). She has a daughter named Villea, who likes to fish in the lake. Can be quite the schemer, in a quiet, subtle way. Very astute with politics, and tends to see things in terms of politics. Which makes her effectively paranoid.   _______________B Vayafalma Ciryandil Elf M ST 9 DX 12 IQ 14 HT 10 Age 763, silvery hair, ice-blue eyes. Handsome. Loves the sea; most of his fortune he got from his small fleet of trading ships. His ships ply the eastern coasts, mostly the Imperium, but also farther south to the Firelands, the Gykkii Association, Astaleth, Gwaedhenia, and, very occasionally, the desert lands of the Kler’nak. He is married, and has two children. One still lives with him; the other went traveling twenty years ago and hasn’t been back yet. He has a 60’ two masted yacht (Elven dhow, exquisitely decked out and absolutely gorgeous) that he frequently takes out to sea. There is a story about him being accosted by pirates, who, upon seeing the beauty of the ship, couldn’t bring themselves to attack such a piece of art. They just waved as sailors do as they sailed on by. The story is true, and the Baron later utilized the skills of the pirate captain for several secretive jobs.   ____________________Bt Felson Undrite Human M ST 12 DX 11 IQ 11 HT 10 Age 51 5’6”, 187lbs sandy hair, worn as a mullet. Attractive, despite the mullet (which somehow works on him, miraculously), he has a scar under his left eye from a knife slash, which he received in a bar fight when he was young. He is a competent administrator, which helped when he approached Count Sharpe to get his nobility. He has great business acumen, and started out as an accountant doing the books for several different trading guilds. Before that, he had served in the army as a logistics officer for a half dozen years. He is on his third wife; the first ended in a horse riding accident; the second in a divorce. His current wife’s name is Bella (daughter of Helena Vargame), and he has no living children. His first wife died before she could bear him any children, and the second one was barren (that was NOT the reason he divorced her, though). Bella is currently pregnant for the fourth time; the first three attempts ended in miscarriage. They are hopeful the fourth time will be the charm.   _______________B Helena Vargame Human F ST 8 DX 10 IQ 13 HT 13 Age 65, 5’ 4”, 145lbs. White hair, thinning, but worn in a long braid. Frail-looking, but a fierce debater and accomplished schemer. Think Livia from I, Claudius, but a little less likely to use so much poison. Three children, all in their 40’s. Her daughter Bella is married to Felson Undrite. Helena tends to be power-hungry, selfish, and, on occasion, ruthless.   _______________B Grish Gashmokk Orc F ST 12 DX 11 IQ 9 HT 12 Age 32 5’ 7”, 178lbs, black curly hair. Slender, shapely, and skilled with staves and pole weapons. Being a barony in the middle of the jungle, the settlements are all surrounded by palisades and just about everyone can handle themselves in a fight. Most of those fights are against wild animals and other creatures roaming around in the jungle. She likes hunting (especially those critters that have attacked her people or ruined their crops). She has a fairly rigid sense of justice, and could be considered “aggressively just”. She is unmarried. Krugg Far-thrower keeps trying to set her up with his brother Mozû, but he fails to realize that Mozû is more attracted to males than females, while Grish knows and understands this. Needless to say, that matchmaking hasn’t gone anywhere.   ____________________Bt Jandig Kiriani Goblin M ST 9 DX 11 IQ 15 HT 12 Age 44 3’11”, 67lbs, dark olive skin, black hair worn in a pony tail. Mage, with M2, focusing primarily on Body Control, Mind Control, and Movement spells. Unmarried. Spends a lot of time reading esoteric books when not overseeing his small collection of trading companies. He was gifted the lands of his barony after helping thwart an assassination attempt on Duke Antonian.   _______________B Kyran Walters Human F ST 10 DX 11 IQ 12 HT 12 Age 28, 5’ 8” 170lbs, blond wavy hair in a pageboy cut. Married to Bronn Kreide’s younger brother Sten. They have no children; Sten (so far) has been shooting blanks. Kyran is typically calm and deliberate when making decisions, and always practical. This has been fortunate, since her barony is mainly taken up by the city of Port Karn, and she has to deal with the city council on just about everything. Having a hot head in this barony seat would be a nightmare. She is independent and can be forceful when necessary.   _____C Mokk Luzgursh Orc 6'6", 225 lbs, tall, blond, blue eyed, muscular. 43 yrs old, married to Bakushko, has two sons and a daughter, ages 18, 16, and 14. Likes jousting, polo, and any other equestrian sport imaginable. Breeder of fine horses, he has a friendly rivalry with Jerrikin Emeraldskin. They trade stud beasts often. He tends to favor endurance and strength over speed in his breeds. He can often be found at the race track south of the city. He has suffered from having his horses poisoned, and he hasn’t found out who it is yet. He thinks someone is trying to ruin him.   _______________B Zysuda Renox Human F   _______________B Naleki Liibenen Goblin M ST 13, DX 12, IQ 10, HT 12, 4’ 2", 110 lbs, red hair, green eyes, likes conflict (fights, not arguments) stubborn, bad temper, cbt. reflexes, knows Pakelik Gabaat, age 39, married to Mardini (age 31 3 kids: 12M, 11F, 9M, 1F. Likes Juggernaught, Rugby, & most violent team sports. Nearly killed in an assassination attempt almost a year ago, but was able to fight off his attacker long enough to escape (attacker was an Orc assassin with Smasha; Naleki ended up with a broken arm, two broken ribs, and a sprained ankle).   _______________B Nathan Claudius, Lord of Masselkahn Age 62, 5'6", 175 lbs, fat, silver hair, mustache, beard, attractive, eyepatch on right eye (lost in battle 34 years ago), Status 4, filthy rich, honest, duty to feudal lord and emperor, SoD to same, diplomatic, speaks only when he needs to. Has a wife (Mary), four kids (35F, 32F, 28F, 27M) and several grandchildren. Also has a sister (and two dead brothers, both killed in a naval battle against pirate ships). He also has a tendency to be somewhat blind to the needs of his barony, relying on his underlings and advisors to do the admin work for him. Some say he is senile, but this is not correct; he just doesn't care enough to really take an active hand in politics. Soon he will have his son will take over; this will happen when Nathan feels he is no longer useful.   _______________B Bilir Sylid Human M 5'8", 160 lbs, age 123, but looks only 54 due to magical life extension. Black hair, beard, and mustache, blue eyes. Still has the exuberance of his youth. Loves watching and betting on Juggernaught games. A patron of the arts, he routinely gives grants to those whose works impress him; several art museums have wings named in his honor. He never takes bribes, and can't stand those who do. Very moral and a faithful temple-goer. Also likes playing chess, gin rummy, and dominoes. His wife is a 38 year old dance instructor by the name of Edie. He has six children, none by her (yet), and two dozen grandchildren. He has been married four times, and outlived his other three wives.   _______________B Izlik Azawik, Lord of the Middledowns Orc M   _______________B Nugruk Snarglag Orc M   _______________B Jajimak Kalawiil Goblin F   _______________B Arith Rathenu Human F 5' 8”, stocky bordering on fat, 187 lbs. ST 10 DX 11 IQ 12 HT 11 Blond hair, blue eyes, attractive and charismatic. Good in Court and in a fight. Likes playing lawyer or judge, and is very good at it. Hyperactive to a fault, she has little ability to wait around sitting quietly — she must DO things, even if it is only fidgeting. Has long curly hair, which she keeps well groomed, usually in an up-do to keep it out of the way. 43 yrs old, married to a man named Seth.   _______________B Marcus Thorne of Martadar Hobbit M 3’10", 170 lbs, Age 89, light brown hair, brown eyes. ST 12, DX 13, IQ 12, HT 11, strong will +2, combat reflexes, good tactician, but not great; respected as a warrior, and is quite good at that. He is somewhat obstinate, and tends to be peevish and irritable. He is not on the best terms with his Duke because Lord Antonian knows that Marcus is something of an overbearing twerp.   _________________________K Sir Darius of, son of Baron Marcus Age 43, sandy brown hair, brown eyes, 5'11", 165 lbs, ST 14, DX 11, IQ 9, HT 12, Legal Enf powers (15 pts), Status 3, Wealthy, Honest, gullible, Duty and SoD, Chivalric CoH. Though an excellent knight, Darius is not a promising leader. Good natured and handsome, his only interests are hunting and jousting. Marcus is concerned that his son might become a tool of his enemies, and with good reason — the boy isn't very bright…. Despite his lack of high intelligence, he is able to inspire some confidence in those looking to him for leadership, as his admirable display of courage during a battle against and saving an entire family from being eaten was inspirational.   _______________B Garekk Radbug Orc M   _____C Jerrikin "Jerry" Emeraldskin, Goblin. Likeable, not powerhungry, trustworthy (as far as nobility go). 4’5”, 105 lbs, long brown hair (worn as a ponytail), amber eyes. Good sense of humor, likes parties, horses, horse racing, chariot racing, and betting on both. Owns several prized horse breeds. He owns the current Diophrates Cup winner, a roan by the name of Latik Parnukka (loosely translatable as "He Who Outruns the Sunset"). His horses tend to emphasize speed over endurance, although he has good horses of both types. Age 26, single, he became the Count due to the assassination of his father. He can often be found at the race track south of the city.   _______________B John Pendleton 5' 10", 187 lbs, has a paunch, grey hair, and watery blue eyes. 68 yrs old, diplo 16, admin 17, IQ 11, ST 9, DX 10, HT 8. Not in the best of health, and practically on his deathbed. Married to Annabelle, has 4 kids, ages 48M (dead), 44F, 41M, 36M (dead, killed when he fell off his horse playing polo, breaking his neck). Has 6 grandkids, and is on good terms with the Emperor. Likes cats, sailing, & booze. Hates spiders & bugs, popular music (prefers classics and opera), and polo.   _______________B Aedara Ryallin Human F   _______________B Anton "The Claw" Mitchell, wears a taloned gauntlet. His hand was lost in battle some 40 years ago, and has a magical prosthetic limb. What enchantments are cast upon it are mostly unknown, but it is incredibly strong, never seems to miss with whatever weapon it's holding, and can't fumble. 5'11", 186 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, wears glasses. Age 74, married to Marian the Fair. Has three children, ages 50, 48, and 43.   _______________B Keegesh Leebog Orc F   ____________________Bt Tomog Gougash Orc M   _______________B Gygluk Reghak Orc M 5'10", 270 lbs, average build, average looks, VERY skilled as a general, expert in strategy, tactics, leadership, and logistics. Well liked by those who serve under him, respected by those who've lost to him. He has won every battle he's commanded (think of him like an Ender Wiggins). Likes chess, Juggernaught, and any other game that requires intelligence and strategy. Hates games of luck, including most gambling games. He is Lord Antonian’s premier leader. Age 44, married to Kelly, has a daughter, age 14, who is very gorgeous.   _______________B Sekinti Okkiisi Goblin F   ____________________Bt Pakendi Jakkiifi Goblin M 4’2”, 180 lbs, overweight, age 49, dk hair, dk eyes, likes economics, accounting, merchant, fast talk, & anything else that can get him money. Not greedy per se, he seems to enjoy the act of getting the money more than the money itself. ST 9, DX 10, IQ 13, HT 10, M2. Married to Dokka, 4 kids (29M, 23F, 21F, 17F). Craggy but not ugly face; likes orgies (with lots of women sybaritic mage.   _______________B Nikuz Flinteye Dwarf M

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