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Fantasy Materials and Items

Special Fantasy Gear

  This is a list of some of the materials available in the campaign (along with some pseudo-scientific explanations).   Dwarven Steel (Carbonized Steel): This strong and heavy steel can be made with improved smithing techniques. Armor made from this has +1 DR (x10 cost), and dwarven steel weapons are typically of fine quality (x5 cost)   Elven Steel (High-Grade Steel): this strong and light metal is rumored to be a mithril and steel alloy. Special Elven chainmail is made primarily from this metal and weighs half as much as normal (x30 cost). Regular +1 DR armor can also be made from this (x12 cost). Elven steel weapons are typically of fine quality (x5 cost).   Mithril (Titanium): This strong but lightweight metal gains a silvery hue and increased ductility in mana rich worlds, but is otherwise similar to it’s real-life counterpart. It is often used to make very fine weapons (x20 cost), and armor made from this weighs half as much and has +1 DR (x50 cost). Maille made form mithril can have very fine links without sacrificing strength.   Adamantine (Palmerium): Found in thin lodes under deep oil deposits, or in meteorites. It is amber tinted and very strong, but it becomes brittle when exposed to UV rays. In a mana rich world, this metal can become almost unbreakable. The Elves often use this for very fine weapons or +2 DR armor. When refined by dwarves, the metal loses its vulnerability to sunlight and can make super-fine weapons (x200 cost) or +4 DR armor (x100 cost). The refinement process is rumored use the metal to earth, essential earth, and earth to metal spells. Sometimes called "Eog". There is a variant alloy called "Kregora" that has mana-dampening capabilities.   Dragon scale: Any armor can be made out of a dragon’s hide, providing the hide came from a dragon of the appropriate age (i.e. had the same DR as the armor being made). Armor made out of dragon scale is 10% lighter than normal, and costs double the armors normal cost just to fashion (you have to provide the material).   Arrows: Fine (+1 damage) arrows can be made from the Elven Steel and cost $25 each. Arrows made from Mithril are Very Fine (+2 damage) and cost $250 each.   Bolts: Fine (+1 damage) crossbow bolts made from Dwarven Steel can be had for $20 each. Adamantine bolts are +2 damage, but cost $500 each.   Dwarven Bread: One slice is equal to one meal, and the loaf itself is hard enough to be used as a weapon. There are 20 slices in a $200 2 lb. loaf. The baking process is rumored use the essential earth, earth to stone, and create food spells.   Elven Waybread: One piece equals 3 meals. There are 20 biscuits in a $1,500 1 lb. "loaf". This magically enhanced bread is made only by elves, but is rumored to use the essential food spell. Lembas is usually highly controlled; there is almost a reverence for it that limits its use to those whom the Elves think "deserve it". There are small numbers of Elves who are given knowledge of the recipe and techniques used to make it, and they also control whom they give it to. Finding it on the open market is very rare. They are usually shaped like a lanceolate leaf, and wrapped in treated leaves that keep the lembas from going bad.    Essential Water: Three times as thirst quenching as normal water, $40 per gallon.

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