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Gillymaya's WorldEmber 2021
9 of 23 prompts completed

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The Great Empire of Malvarron

The Empire of Malvarron is located on the continent of Elvara at the centre of the Astaeri region. It was founded in 1331 AE following 'The Vanguard Revolution', which brought the previous regime to an abrupt and violent end.

2487 words

The Crimson Order

The Crimson Order have two main roles in the Empire. Firstly, to track down revolutionists, rebels and enemies of the crown; and secondly to hunt down unlicensed mages.

417 words

The Malvarri Military

The durability of the Great Empire of Malvarron depends largely on the support of the military. This need for loyalty extends to all three sectors: the Vanguard, the Watch and the Crimson order.

404 words

The Ersatz Harbour

The Ersatz harbour is an artificial inlet of the Iron River which provides waterway access to the the City of Malvarron.

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The Cadalla (also known as Cad or Cadroot) is a tall, indigo-coloured flowering plant native to the Elvara Forest. It is used widely in the Empire of Malvarron for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

714 words

Arawyn's Embrace

Gar'groth, known colloquially as Arawyn's Embrace, is a lilac-coloured flowering plant native to the continent of Elvara. It produces a poison which is lethal to the peoples of Elvara.

716 words

Ethereal Tide

The Ethereal Tide is the theoretical name given to the form of divine magic drawn directly from the raw power of nature. Believed to be a gift from the creator of the world, the Goddess Ethera, the Ethereal Tide is the supposed force behind Orthodox Mag

773 words

The Grand City of Malvarron

The Grand City of Malvarron, in the centre of the Elvaran continent, is the capital city of the Great Empire of Malvarron

2876 words

The Magi's Curse

The Magi's Curse is the name given to the devastating plague which swept the City of Revaelor in 1325 A.E. Many people believed the disease was a plot caused by the Magi in a bid to secure power.

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Fantasy world builder, aspiring author & lover of all things RPG.

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