The Crimson Order

The Crimson Order, sometimes referred to as the 'Red Cloaks', were formed 14th Lunaris 1381 A.E, with the signing of the Crimson Pact. Often viewed as the 'lesser' of the three orders by those in military office, they were formed from Empire loyalists previously belonging to the mercenary organisation The Crimson Blades.  


  The Crimson Order have two main roles in the empire at present. The first being the tracking down down revolutionists, rebels and so-called ‘enemies of the crown.’ The second is to hunt down unlicensed mages in conjunction with the Office for Magical Regulation.   As their nickname suggests, they are easily identifiable from their scarlet cloaks and black hide armour which bares the symbol of the Crimson Tower, their headquarters in the City of Malvarron.   Members of the Crimson Order get paid the standard military wage as a matter of course. However, despite this regular salary, they can also pickup bonuses in the form of bounties offered to any members of the public for the apprehension of wanted ‘criminals.’   With rumours of the emergence of the organised resistance group ’the Wardens of Ethera', the Order are busier than ever. Their work now takes them from coast-to-coast hunting enemies of the empire. They have bases in all major settlements, often working alongside The Vanguard and other groups of Empire loyalists.  


  The 'Red Cloaks' have conducted a major recruitment drive in recent years and their organisation now has around 1500 members. However, they are heavily criticised for their selctive, and frankly prejudiced, recruitment policy despite the fact they are the only branch of the military which openly allows women to work for them.   They are despised by many members of the general population for their thuggishness, racism and brutal approach to law enforcement.   Also, despite being a state endorsed group, there are those in the military, including in high office, with reservations about employing the ex-blades, with some viewing them little more than gutter rats and cut-throats.   The Crimson Order has done little to shake off their past mercenary reputation of hooligans and criminals.
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