Arawyn's Embrace


Gar’groth, known colloquially as Arawyn’s Embrace, is a lilac-coloured flowering plant which is native to the continent of Elvara.
  Found in valley hedgerows and areas of high grass, the plant thrives where there is plenty of light and little wind.
  Though rare, Gar’groth is renowned for its toxicity and has been used throughout history as a poison, the intent being to give the victim a merciful or peaceful death.

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"Down in the valley
  Young cousin Sally
  Was picking pretty flowers for her den.   The flower she clutched
  Was lilac Gar’groth
  So Sally never woke up again."
Old Elvaran Nursery Rhyme


  Gar’groth is a member of the borage family, though its appearance is unusual when compared to plants from the same genus. Therefore, it should be instantly recognisable to anyone with even a limited knowledge of Elvaran plants.   Its spherical blooms are composed of dainty petals which are a pale shade of lilac, a vast contrast from the plant’s scarlet-red understem.  
In the season of Lothnune, small blue seeds grow from small purple sprouts, which grow taller than the bloom itself to increase the chance of Zoophily.   External plant sacs, which also from part of the bloom, are filled with a sticky syrup-like liquid. This liquid feeds the plant during the colder months where light is scarce and the climate harsher. Though it can sustain the plant, this liquid is lethal to most other organisms, including the peoples of Astaeria.
by Dendoktoor

A Merciful Poison?

  The name Gar’groth is etymologically Mathidonic and literally translates to ’simple death’ or if you prefer - ‘painless death.’ It’s common name, Arawyn’s Embrace, however, is both a nod to the Guardian of death Arawyn and the plant’s nature as a poison.   Upon ingesting the syrupy liquid stored in Gar’groth sacs, the victim will be blissfully unaware until up to an hour later, where victims may complain of numbness and tingling sensations in their limbs, along with the onset of extreme tiredness.  
"Gar’groth is fascinating. It is the kindest... well, perhaps that’s the wrong word... the gentlest poison I’ve come across in my career.   Upon drinking the substance, the victim simply falls into a deep, dreamless slumber, during which they feel no pain or discomfort.   Eventually, after an hour or so, their heart slows to stop and their soul departs their body, ready to be collected by the goddess of death.   Arawyn’s Embrace is indeed a fitting nickname for it."  
Linus Bamba, Botany Professor at the Malvarri Herbalist College
  Because of the rarity of the plant, the poison can be a hard commodity to acquire, and an expensive one at that.   Currently, there is no known antidote for Gar’groth poisoning, though research has revealed that the Dwarven population of Kuldrith benefits from a natural immunity to the toxin, a fact which fascinates many botanists.
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Arawyn is one of the twelve guardians/gods belonging to The Pantheon of Ethera.
Though she is the goddess of death, she is honored throughout Elvara as a compassionate soul, called upon during times of grief by those seeking protection for their deceased loved ones in the afterlife.
According to legend, she dances through the graveyards during the twilight hour, gathering the souls of the recently departed and escorting them to the heavens.

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