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Cadalla (Kad-ah-la)

The Cadalla is a flowering plant native to the Elvara Forest.   It is used widely in the Empire of Malvarron for both medicinal and recreational purposes.   The name Cadalla is derived from an old Elvaran phrase which, when literally translated, means ‘Sleepy Root.’ This is why some Malvarris refer to the plant as ’Cadroot’ or simply just ’Cad’   It has been used historically, since the rule of the Mathidoni, as a medicinal herb as a sedative in the treatment of insomnia and as a muscle relaxant. However, its use is thought to predate the ancient kingdom to when native Elven clans ruled the continent.  

Appearance and Biology

  In the season of Aranor, a mature plant can reach staggering heights of up to seven feet.   As the plant mostly grows in woodland, its tall stems are a sure advantage as they elevate the plant away from the shady forest floor and upwards towards sun beams permeating the forest canopy whilst at the same time stems remain shielded from the wind by taller trees.   When in flower, the plant bears sweetly scented indigo-coloured petals, attracting a number of pollinating insects and ensuring the endurance of the species.

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Uses Today

  When crushed, the roots of the Cadalla are used in sleeping potions, and sometimes as an additional ingredient in Arawyn’s Embrace.   Despite its medicinal uses, the Cadalla plant is most often used for recreational purposes.   When crushed, dried and mixed together, the roots and the leaves of the Cadalla can be smoked in a pipe in order to give an individual a relaxed or euphoric effect. Though legal for most of the population, the use of Cad by soldiers of the Malvarri Military has been banned by their officers. Any soldier seen smoking Cad will receive a dishonourable discharge.

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  According to Renae Aloran there are four recorded side effects to using ‘Cadroot’  

Disturbed or Vivid Dreams

  Cadalla is known to have a sedative effect, hence why it is sometimes used to treat insomnia. However, using Cadroot in a slepping potion can lead to vivid dreams or even nightmares for some individuals. According to Aloran, this is the most common side effect of taking the herb, and as a result she advises against the use of Cadroot for anyone who suffers with frequent nightmares.  

Flushing and palpitations

  Some people have reported that the herb causes increased heart rate and warm flushing of the skin. This seems ironic for a treatment used to relax an individual and cure insomnia.  

Upset Stomach

  The plant appears to have a laxative effect, which can cause an upset stomach.  

Headaches and Memory Problems

  Cadalla may cause mental slowness, headaches and an inability to keep still. Increased anxiety can also be an issue though, Aloran argues that this is related to misuse or long-term usage of the herb.  

Interaction with alcohol

  Given the recreational use of Cad, it should be noted that mixing the herb with other substances which lead to sedative effects, can lead to exhaustion and the exacerbation of existing side effects.


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