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The Kingdom of Errolone

Errolone is a primarily Elven Kingdom to the south-east of the Malvarron Empire. It’s capital, Orthrond -O Heled or ’the City of Glass’ is so named after its beautiful high-rise towers which are made entirely from ancient Elvaran Shimmerglass.   Its people, known as the Erroloni, are purveyors of herbalism, magic and the arts. As a result main exports from Errolone are herbal medicines, potions and magical items. Its main imports appear to be illegal mages fleeing from Malvarron.   Errolone’s climate is warm-temperate with blazing hot summers. Its terrain is largely made up of forests and wilderness with sandy beaches, especially in the south-westerly regions.   The kingdom is ruled by the Elven Queen Elmyra Gwynnestri, a powerful sorceress who champions the 'old ways' of the ill-fated Mathidoni Empire. A civil war has been raging for twenty long years, between the 'Purists' and the 'Reformists' with many refugees fleeing to Elvara and into the The Great Empire of Malvarron


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