5th day of Lunaris

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"Astaeria.   A land of curiosity, diversity and culture. A land shrouded in mystery and intrigue, yet riddled with conflict, revolution, and betrayal.   At the centre of this land, the Malvarron Empire stands proud and victorious, its bloodthirsty beginnings juxtaposed with the luscious, emerald backdrop of Old Elvara..." - Eldeth Cordell, 1355, 'The Common Man’s Guide to Astaeria’.
  The Year is 1405 AE   Emperor Lucianno Malvarro has succeeded in his quest to continue the work of his late father and conquer the once autonomous settlements of Elvara.   Whilst the second Great Elvaran War may have ended over twenty years ago, the scars of grief and fury run deep. Support for the regime is flailing, and rumours of an active resistance group are gaining speed.   As the empire looks inward to quash this threat, a bigger threat lurks in the shadows, poised to send the entirety of civilisation into a frenzy.   Will there be anyone left to stop it?

Astaeria has 45 Wardens