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The Malvarri Military

"The Malvarri military is without a doubt the most important state organisation in the Empire. The Empire's controversial laws and aggressive occupation of the once autonomous city states of Elvara mean that without the three military orders to squash resistance and rebellion, there would more than likely be no empire at all." Eldeth Cordell, 1355, The Common Man's guide to Asateria.


  The Vanguard revolution in 1331 A.E was a military coup in every sense of the word. General Augustas Malvarro and his allies controlled approximately 70% of Duke Tarryn’s army before the Battle for Revaelor and a further 20% bent the knee to the new Emperor in the days following the fall of the capital. Those who refused to submit to the new regime were publically executed along with their families. Few escaped.  



Role today

  The durability of The Great Empire of Malvarron depends largely on the support of the military. This need for loyalty extends to all three sectors of the Emperor’s army: The Vanguard, The Crimson Order and The Black Cloaks.   Without the support of the army to suppress resistance within the empire, the Emperor’s position would be tenuous at best. As a consequence, soldiers are amongst the highest paid individuals in the empire.

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The Three Orders

    The Vanguard serve under General Felipe Ezrana and are based on the north-eastern border of the with Stronghold as the major training base for new recruits.   The City watch are trained at Black Cloak Keep in The Grand City of Malvarron and the Crimson Order undergo a limited amount of training at the Crimson Tower, also located in the capital.

The Sword of the People

Founding Date
1331 A.E.
Military, Knightly Order
Parent Organization


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