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The Narragula Plant

Narragula Plants or ‘Bleeding Vines’ are found in the Eastern Republic of Erannor. The crawling vines are blood-red with heart-shaped maroon leaves.   Farming the plant is an art. Narragula seedlings need delicate care as they are very sensitive to variations in their environment.   The vines flower for a 2-week period, which varies yearly depending on the intensity of the climate. The fruit therefore requires a quick and efficient harvest in order to recover a high and profitable yield.   During Aranor, the season of the high sun, a small, round, plum-coloured berry forms from each bud which can be squeezed and filtered to produce a sweet, crimson syrup. This syrup can be diluted for use as a sweetener in food and drink or, more famously the pure mulch can be fermented to produce sweet wine or brandy.   Narragula Brandy is exceedingly popular among Malvarri nobles for its tart, earthy flavours and bittersweet aftertaste. However, at 60% proof the liquor can twist the most tolerant of individuals into a burbling drunken mess — if their constitution is not used to it, that is.   There are many prosperous Narragula farms in Erannor. However, the most lucrative is the ‘Cavillier Wine Company Vineyards,’ owned by Arathus Cavillier, the father of Lavinia Cavillier, the current Councilor-in-Chief and leader of Erannor.   A 20-year-old bottle of Cavillier Brandy can set the buyer back over 10 gold pieces (over twice the amount of a labourers yearly salary!) An average bottle of Cavillier Wine however is slightly more economical. Depending on the quality of the harvest, you can procure a small jug of the wine for anything over 1 gold piece.
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Consumable, Food / Drink

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