Straggle-Reed Species in Astaeria | World Anvil


Commonly known as ‘Whisper Grass’, Straggle-Reed is a plant native to the marshes of Northern Erannor. However, small pockets have been discovered as far as Errolone and Elvara. The plant consists of several brown hollow stems, with spiky maroon-coloured leaves which bunch around the base.   Straggle-Reed thrives in boggy or marshy areas. It has strong, wiry roots, which anchor the reeds to the ground, allowing it to withstand marshland shifts. It is particularly hardy to changes in temperature, meaning it has the propensity to flourish all year round.   Its seeds have long black, hair-like threads which allow the bumpy pods to float on the breeze. In strong winds, the seeds often resemble swarms of leggy insects flying through the air.   Straggle-reed lends its name the Whispering Marsh in Erranor as when the wind rushes through the hollow stems it is said to resemble faint voices on the breeze. Some folk believe that the plants have magical properties and merely amplify the voices of the dead who are cursed to roam the marshland for eternity. However, the plant’s magical qualities have never been proven.   Either way, if you find yourself alone in the marshland, and the sound of faint whispers finds your ear, do not panic! It’s probably just the Straggle-Reeds. Probably…


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