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The Free Republic of Erannor

Founded in 650 AE by Erroloni separists, The Free Republic of Erannor is a ‘democratically’ elected state of Eastern Astaeria. Its capital, The Port of Sarrinar is located to the east of Sirens Bay, south-east of the Elvara Forest.   Erannor (the Land of Light) is known for its temperate climate and mild winters; with vast great plains in the south which produce rich agricultural products. The region is especially famous for its vineyards due to being and is the only place in Astaeria where Narrugala Plants (or Bleeding Vines) grow in large numbers. The juice from the fruit of these plants can be fermented and made into a sweet wine or brandy very popular in Malvarron.   Erannor regards itself as a free, democratic state. It is ruled by an assemblage made up of elected officials who are allocated a seat in the house based on their vote share (see: the Erannori Assemblage). It is led by a ‘Councillor in Chief’ who is appointed by the assemblage. The Chief then appoints a ruling council, formed of elected officials who assist in the formation of a legislative agenda.   In practice, only the wealthiest of the Erannori can afford to run for a position in the assemblage. This is because it requires a certain amount of money and time to mount a successful campaign, and only the wealthiest have the social standing necessary to form powerful connections and contacts with which to forge opportunity.   The current head of state, Chief Lavinia Cavillier is the heir to the ’Cavillier Wine Company’ the most profitable business in all of Erannor. The previous Chief Councillor was a major shareholder in the East Astaeri Shipping Company. Thus some have criticised the republic for evolving into an oligarchic society, heavily departed from the original dream of Erannor's founders.   The loudest of these voices is perhaps Orevan Leoran, High Master of The Erannori College for the Arcane Arts located in the northern part of the Erannori state. Master Leoran has recently cut all ties with the capital after several years of tension. This has resulted in the school declaring itself a free and independent enclave, rejecting the rule of the Erannori Assemblage. The Assemblage does not recognise the school as an autonomous entity and refuses to engage with (perhaps because picking a fight with a school of powerful Magi with only a limited army is hardly recommended).


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