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Cherry Tribe

The Cherry Tribe are a group of morolls that live right in the centre of the Cherry Mountains, just a few miles south of Tavertral. They have rejected magic and technology as they believe them to be a curse, and enjoy a life of subsistence farming.


The Cherry Tribe was formed after a group of morolls left their village in the south of Maerkhor. These people wandered the frozen plains for months, most of them sadly dying off from the cold or from dragons, but they found refuge in a secluded area in the Cherry Mountains. There was no wind, no snowstorms, while there were plants growing and a supply of water in the form of a lake. Quickly settling down, they started farming some fruits and vegetables they had found in the area.


Interestingly, the cherry tribe does not use any form of spoken language, and instead have resorted to a form of sign language. With six fingers sign languages becomes a little more complicated, but easier to express oneself with many more signs to use. I picked up a little of this language while I was documenting the area but not enough to hold a good conversation, unfortunately.



Most of the people in the cherry tribe are subsistence farmers. It is very rare for one to grow crops to sell to others, since the majority farm for themselves and wouldn't need to buy any food. Most people farm some kind of fruit tree, most often earbels. Black roots are also commonly grown, since they are used as a spice and is the signature spice of the Cherry Tribe.


The Cherry Tribe is a herbivorous group, unlike the species which is omnivorous. Depending on what the person grows, they eat a range of fruits and vegetables, but almost always use black roots to flavour literally everything with. I must say, black roots are delicious, they add a certain spice to the meals that you can't get anywhere else on the planet. 10/10, would recommend.


The Cherry Tribe has a very simple architecture, simply carving out single rooms in the sides of the mountain. They often use small caves as homes, as that save them even more time. With wooden support beams around the rooms, there is little lighting from the night lights they have trained as pets.


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Jul 3, 2022 08:23

Interesting. Why the tribe doesn't have a spoken language? Are they all deaf?

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Jul 3, 2022 08:28 by Mochi

I'm actually not sure, didn't think about that before xD I just wanted something more interesting than another spoken language. Hope you enjoyed the article!

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Jul 3, 2022 08:33

Yes! I enjoyed it very much! Afterall, it won a place in my twitter showcase :)

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Jul 3, 2022 12:15 by Gilly-May Hartill

Interesting article! I love that the tribe's method of communication has developed differently :)

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Aug 9, 2022 18:57

I cannot believe I forgot to comment! :o I absolutely adore this group of Morolls. I like their determination in finding a new place to live, despite the difficulty of their journey. It does make me wonder though, why did they leave in the first place?   Keep up the great work! :D

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