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Maerkhor is one of three continents in the Northern Archipelago, and contains some of the most dangerous, cutest, ugliest dragon species on the planet.
Included Locations
Inhabiting Species


A rather boring landscape, Maerkhor is made mostly of rolling plains, blanketed with thick snow and the occasional tree or two. Towards the south of the continent are warmer forests, with just two deciduous forests and about seven individual pine forests. The land is so plain that when a building pops up it is the story of the continent, and everybody comes flocking in to learn all about it.

Frozen Plains

Despite having a few significant geographic locations that doesn't make this place entirely a barren expanse, the majority of Maerkhor are frozen plains. These plains stretch thousands of miles, with very few settlements calling it home. The Frozen Plains grow very few plants, are home to very few dragons, but those that do live here have adapted to the harsh climates.

Cherry Mountains

The Cherry Mountains are the most unusual mountains I have ever seen. For some reason, these mountains are a bright red. I suspect it has something to do with the rock itself, but either way I think it is really cool, and the first time I visited them I stole a few rocks- they now sit on one of my many shelves back home.


Possibly the only interesting thing to have happened in Maerkor was the extinction of the skelerent species. These magnificent dragon species were hunted to their inevitable extinction as every single part of their bony bodies were used and valued. Their organs were used for medicines and cures, their skeleton and exoskeleton both used for weapons and combat.
It only took a handful of centuries to completely kill off this species from a population of over thirty thousand.
The very last skelerent to be killed was killed by a gang led by Merrin Aladox, who currently runs the Dragonbone Tavern. This man used the very corpse of the dragon as a base for the tavern, using marketing tricks to get as many people to visit as they can.
Come in, come in! Welcome to the resting place of the last skelerent known to man!

Significant Locations

If you're going to Maerkor, you cannot leave without visiting Tavertral. This city is the self-appointed capital of the continent, and is the biggest trade city on the planet. Somehow these people have access to almost every resource in the world, and they trade them with other settlements and have now grown into a bustling metropolis, far more technologically advanced than any other place on Dracosei. They are also one of the few settlements that have inter-planetary travel, with several spaceports across the city for incoming spaceships.

Significant Species


There was no way I would write about Maerkhor and not mention skelerents. While doing research on these extinct beasts, I found several fascinating sketches of them. Sadly I couldn't get license to use them in my articles, but fingers crosses, some day. Anyways, these 60 metre long dragons were flightless wanderers of the frozen plains, chewing on any grass they could find, tearing up whole trees for a morning snack when they couldn't find any more food. It is very sad these beauties are extinct; I would've loved to have seen one.

Belly Fish

Belly fish are an unusual but adorable fish species living in the various lakes and rivers that have carved their way through the continent. Belly fish are named as such because they contain an enormous amount of fat, to keep themselves warm when the weathers get even colder. Domesticated belly fish are bred for more meat and less fat, and are kept in warmer conditions where the fat would have otherwise been useless.


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Very cool expanse Mochi! There's just a hint of what all could be on this continent, from history to a couple of variations in the geography that deserve to be mentioned. I'm also a fan of the journal style of the article.

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Thank you so much! Super happy you enjoyed the article :D

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