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The Magi's Curse

The Magi’s Curse is the name given to the devastating plague which swept the City of Revaelor in 1325 A.E.   The plague was unlike the other illnesses and diseases seen before in the Duchy. It disproportionately affected the lower classes, with cases rare amongst the upper classes and nobility.   Other than that fact, it appeared to strike its victims indiscriminately, with no obvious patterns in race, sex or age of the victims, and physicians and alchemists were at a loss as to what was causing the plague.   Rumours of a Magi plot began to spread, fueled by Malvarro’s allies, and people began feeding their own family Arawyns Embrace rather than seeing them taken by it.  


  • "Stage One: The patient shows signs of being in a tranquil, dreamlike state detached from the world around them. I have recorded slow movement and slow speech, along with weak pulse and glassy-eyed stare. Patient may appear relaxed but will show mild to severe confusion with trouble remembering even the most basic of facts.
  • Stage 2: The patient becomes unsteady on their feet, which may result from dizziness and, without rest, will collapse from exhaustion. At this stage, there are some reports of mild hysteria, uncontrollable laughing or crying out in fear. Many patients at this stage cannot recognise their own friends and family.
  • Stage 3: Patient continues to hallucinate and talk in gibberish. Violent projectile vomiting is a common symptom during which the patient expels blood through their bodily fluids. The Irises turn white, along with the skin and hair.
  • Stage 4: Patient appears to have lost all conscious thought. Patient refuses to eat, sleep and the pupils of the eyes also turn white so they are indistinguishable from the Iris. The individual demonstrates behaviour which is almost tranquil yet disconcerting to any who bear witness. It is as if the patient’s mind has left the body completely.
  The disease does not appear to be spread through contact, however, I have noted that the intake of fluids such as water appear to make the patient worse. I have never seen such a curious array of symptoms before. I can only assume this disease has some kind of magical origin."
Notes on The Magi’s Curse by Physician Ranae Aloran, 1330AE


  During the rule of the Duchy of Tarryn, the Guild of Magi had been well respected within the city of Revaelor and valued members of the Court of Tarryn.   This prosperity and respect not only produced more resentment and hatred from the lower classes but fed the undercurrent of anti-magi sentiment within the capital which had been deeply entrenched since well before the fall of the Mathidon during the Reformation period.  
General Augustas Malvarro capitalised on these societal prejudices, using the plague as propaganda for his opposition to the Duchy and using the threat of the Magi to insight rebellion amongst the people of Revaelor.   He claimed that the plague was part of a deliberate plot by the Magi to seize power from the Duke.   As a result, the great plague became known as the ‘Magi’s Curse.’


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