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The Three Crone Tree

The Three Crone Tree also known depending upon region as the Draighean or Draighionn is an occultists dream and delight. Crafting wands and staves from the wood of this tree are extremely useful tools for cursing and poisoning of others. Even a simple walking stick or club made from the tree are wicked devices. Hard and effective at opening wounds in the skin and easily breaking limbs. It  is thought this is a cursed tree due to it's ability to do this.    Crone trees grow twisted, their limbs intertwining with each other. Their roots are gnarled and break the earth creating trip hazards. Often times the trunk will split as well and  the casual observer cannot tell if there is a single tree or more than one.   The most valued part of this tree is that healing potions can be made from it's fruit. These are very effective and even if not made into a potion the fruit eaten whether fresh or dried is an effective pain killer. Brewers and vintners have been  known to add the fruits in their distillation process for an  additional punch.    Enterprising gardeners use the tree to form hedges, which on average grow to a height of thirty feet. The thorns and lizards which live inside being effective determents to would be thieves and any wild animal that might try to intrude upon the house or other structure.   The Three Crone tree grows in the Western regions of Absentia. It is particularly found in Tolenestria along the borders of the faerie Broaecade. A hearty tree it has been transplanted to other regions in small numbers to establish orchards for the harvesting of the medicinal fruit. Those who follow the old gods have wondered if this interference will result in a new hybrid or cause a mutation that brings about an ecological disaster.


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