Anhult Wildlands Stories of Swords, Sorcery, and Everyday Heroes

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Uncover epic stories of swords, sorcery, and everyday heroes. Treacherous seas, deep forests, lost ruins, and massive geological formations are spread across the region. Stop by to read the stories. Stay to become part of the community.

"Here are some things you can do right off the bat but feel free to walk
around and get a feel for the place first" - George the Innkeeper

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Fit Pit at the Inn by George Sanders

The wildlands encompass a vast area in the northern part of the world of Anhult. Treacherous seas, deep forests, lost ruins, and massive geological formations are spread across the region. A small fishing village has become a beacon in this frontier region. The village has grown into the city of Etonia. Challenge and conflict grow as the governing Council of Etonia expands its power into the frontier.


Come sit with me by the fire at the edge of the old growth woodlands, a day's travel outside the city of Etonia, at the Red Lion B&B. This small Inn is a way point on the long road into the woodlands north and east of Etonia. As the innkeeper, I welcome you into this world of magic and deep nature. Gather around the fire pit at the Inn to hear stories of locals and heros. The stories will introduce you to the supporting characters and day to day events happening along side an epic story that is unfolding around them but that is just the beginning of the journey.


The Inn is more than a collection of stories. Join the Red Lion B&B on Discord to uncover what else is happening at the Inn. After getting settled at the Inn, you can read more about the settlements, organizations, unique items, events and traditions of the Anhult Woodlands Region with the World Codex, get an overview via the Regional Map, and browse the latest research from the Avast Library in the Featured Articles.

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