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The Ancient Land

Huraedon is the central super-region of the Empire of Juraedon, formally constituted as a political realm by Hod the Great. The regions Greater and Lower Huraedon make up the greater Huraedon area. To the north, Huraedon is bounded by the Mountains of Das EkLachen, and its northmost point is Höst Island. Huraedon is bounded to the south-east by the Bory Ocean, and to the north-east by the Pentos River. Huraedon is bounded to the west by the Mendesian River and the Pitze Mountain Range. It is bounded to the south by the Bory Ocean, the Revon Basin, and the Florental Massif.

The Regions

Lower Huraedon was always a wild land. It is filled with ancient hideaways, Halfling holes, and, along the coast, the ruins of soaring Fair-Elven architecture. Magical creatures roam this land, and adventurers find the most dazzling sorts of treasure when they venture into these most dangerous wilds. The Dun Huraedonites live in this region.

Greater Huraedon is the domain of the Brin Huraedonites, a vigorous and industrious people. It is not an ancient, storied land — like Lower Huraedon. But it is the home of the up and coming; and it is the realm of the Kingdom of Seinis, the mightiest of the kingdoms of the Empire of Juraedon.

Both of the regions of Huraedon are subdivided into many territories, and are the homes of many races and cultures.

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