Belcharin Echelons


In the Western Mountains lay the remnants of the Belcharin Dwarrow, once a mighty nation of their own, now pushed back into the poorest part of the Western Mountains, and they chafe with grainy stones and poor iron.

Perhaps they could've had one of their ancestral homes returned if they came to the first Emperor in humility after their defeat to the growing Empire of Juraedon, but they demanded all their mountain and underground halls and their independence. Naturally, this was impossible, and a fledgling Empire decided to continue their campaign against the Dwarrow, pushing them all the way into the mountains where they could no longer be reached and were no longer a threat.

They bristle in hate, but even so, they seem unable to unite themselves. They mostly raid the nearest roads of Alk'kir and fight amongst themselves for the loot. Truly pitiful for what was once a mighty race.

Cover image: by Jelke Ludolphij


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