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The Western Mountains


More correctly the Western Mountains is a large, rough, and hilly plateau formed between the northern Hagar el Zar mountain range and the eastern Pitze mountain range - the Pitze range is, in fact, the longest mountain range in the Juraedon Empire. The terrain is formed through ruffled crust compression, has very little arable land, and has an average height of 3 miles with terrain slowly declining in height the closer to the ocean. The land is untamed and wild. The northern highlands have dark and fertile soil that is brought down by the Mendesian River, bringing great and farmable wealth to Alk'kir.

Much of the lands are fjords, being cut by the many rivers that run through these mountains.

Weather Effects

The height, changing temperatures, and the high pressure cells in the Western Mountains during the winter coupled with the changing temperatures of the Placid Sea creates summer monsoons. Because of the plateau's near location to the sea, though, many of these monsoons idle over the ocean. Nevertheless, monsoons are common against the western coast of Alk'kir during the months of June, July, and August. Similarly, during those months, monsoons are common on the coasts of Kharadzhi and Yakughst. Much of Ferrat is spared the monsoon season due to its high elevation, although a small portion of its western coast may experience this seasonal issue.

Permissions to Entry

All normal citizens are barred from entry into these mountains, as the animals and savages living in the mountains are dangerous. It is a place filled with rich resources; many hidden dungeons and caves carved by Dwarf kingdoms long gone hide in these mountains. Naturally, academics are allowed free passage according to the Empire's charter of academic freedom of movement.

The Water-tower of Juraedon

The Western Mountains has many glaciers and running rivers. During the summer, when the monsoon season comes and fills the plateau with both heat and whipping winds, the glaciers melt and the rivers swell. Annual floods occur all across the Great Western Range, which stretches from southern Yakughst up to the northernmost reaches of the Small Dwarf Hills. The great Huraedon river Tječona, which stretches from the roots of the Western Mountains until it dumps at the Vulgan deltas, grows swollen during this period, and violent floods erupt and can kill thousands -- on one occasion, hundreds of thousands. But at the end of it, there is a great alluvial wealth left behind.

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