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Iru-anc Terrain

The Hill-lands

The Iru-anc Terrain lays in the centre of Juraedon Proper. It is bounded to the east by the Archine Sea, bounded to the west by the River Pentos, bounded to the north by the Fjalktir, bounded to the south by the Hopper Mountains.

Iru-anc Terrain is a geographical unit covering the bulk of Iru-anc, the central region of Juraedon Proper. The coastal areas of Iru-anc are thin strips of flat terrain. For the most part, the Iru-anc Terrain is composed of undulating hilly lands and valleys of modest height. The land is not extraordinarily arable, but villagers are still able to eke out a living acting as fishermen or poor farmers. Snow comes heavy and winter is harsh and wet. There are often storms, and the sea is unpredictable as is the weather.

Iru-anc Terrain has often been the object of romantic poetry. Its stark and wild hills, the vapors rising from its brown valleys, and its far-seeing, weather-worn shepherds, are all objects characteristic of the proud, vigorous northern spirit. And the poets ease themselves beneath the linden trees and enjoy the view.

by Ludvig Skramstad
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