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Hol Flatlands

A Minor Land

Its westernmost borders are defined by the Hol Lake, and roughly correspond with the southward traveling Iru Highway. To the east it is bounded by the Archine Sea. The Tang Yu University, notable for its Yan Elf headmaster, lays at the end of the Flatlands — perched on the Grethen Promontory.

The Hol Flatlands is a protrusion from the Iru-anc Terrain. It is a broad, low-lying area that is both wet and marshy. Many fens and rias cover this region. The land reveals a great amount of fertile wealth when the bogs are drained. The weather is stormy and unpredictable. The winters are hard and wet. There are a great many forests in this region, yet to be cut down. The population is not dense, and you would be hard-pressed to see too many people unless you were traveling along the coast.

by Renata Retrova
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