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Archine Peninsula


The Archine Peninsula is narrow peninsula known for its storm-soaked, rocky shores. It is the southernmost point of the Archine Sea, and is a major point of travel for any daring enough to enter the Relics of Boryen.

The Archine Peninsula is a protrusion off of the Peninsula of Pelican. It is a hilly region and is populated by mostly fishermen and herders. The region has been heavily deforested to supply the ever-growing shipping trade. It is a cool and wet region. The sea is often stormy and so is the weather. It rains often and it rains hard. Winters are cold and snow falls heavily. By far the largest city here is that of Archine.

The Peninsula's position, sticking out towards the Relics of Boryen, has transformed it into a much wealthier region. As trade continues traveling north, Archine becomes an increasingly important stopping point.

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